Today King campaign Nuggets away, Cousins ​​sudden outbreak of the third quarter so that the king has made a big score lead, but Barton crazy in the early distal chopped 12 points his rapidly approaching the score, the two sides wrangle in the end, the king still with Cousins ​​last key steal and basket ball thrilling win.

Nuggets Data: Will - Jenson Button 18 points and six rebounds, Nikola - Jokic 13 points and 13 rebounds and 6 assists, Danilo - Gallinari 17 points, 1 rebound, Kenneth - Farid 13 points and 7 rebounds Emanuel -Mudiay11 points and 4 assists, Darrell - Arthur 14 points and five rebounds, if Frey -Lauvergne10 points and six rebounds.

Kings data: Demarcus - Cousins ​​39 points and 9 rebounds, Rajon - Rondo 12 points 4 assists and 5 rebounds, Rudy - Rudy Gay 16 points and 10 rebounds, Omi - Fidel than 14 points and nine rebounds, Darren - Collison 9 points and 5 assists, Marco - Marco Belinelli 9 points.

The first section of the game both sides to find a handle continuous shot, hit two free throws minutes before the Jokic and Maikelemo each layup opened the scoring for the team, then dig grasping each other's mistakes even brush three times a counterattack to get 6 points the lead, but the king suspended back, upgrade the defensive end has a bright display continuously successful defense, Cousins ​​continuous score and also coordinate the score tied, then the two sides have concentrated fire inside to take points, the score deadlocked at Cass after more than three points and Collison hit a jumper king once go-ahead 3 points, but then Gallinari third and response Collison layup tie for both sides once again, to the end of this section is Fidel than three sub-network so that the king has made 28-25 lead.

Second section of the early part of the race came only Arthur jumper inside and outside to get 5 points for the Nuggets, and the king got in in-line organization Collison 9 points to expand the lead in Lauvergne hook and a record even for the Nuggets jumper 4 points chase after Fidel stepped over and Belinelli dunk, Gay and one each in three-pointers and answered with a wave 8-0 pull Oita difference to 13 points. After the Nuggets again suspended back, there Gallinari free throws and three-point step-back jumper, Farid also has two significant contribution to narrowing the score, but the end of this section Cousins ​​storm inside and layup assists Gay let the king still 61-50 halftime.

Halftime just come back, suddenly feel very hot Cousins ​​hit two consecutive three-pointers in mind a long-range jumper and Glenealy 8 points, the Nuggets scored only by the Jokic during layup and Mudiay hard bite the score tight then Guy hook and Maikelemo jumper scored again expand the lead to 17 points on the king continued. But after the Nuggets suspended back, who has scored five field, Mudiay first with a jumper and respond Maikelemo third hit, then assists Lauvergne backhand layup to narrow the points difference to 10 points stop the tide, followed by a test Cousins ​​stood out two plus one labeled before take five minutes to make back the difference 15 points, a record one-third of the most Houya Se and Collison's jumper to make the score 91-77, the King is still leading.

The two sides fight to the last one game, the king suddenly misfiring substitute the beginning of the offensive, while the Nuggets bench end has Barton points out, his personal fight inside and outside of the country Wang Yibo bloom rapidly approaching the score 9-2. After King's request for the suspension back, Fidel than mistakes gave the Nuggets a fast break without defensive foul, Augustine made two free throws and Jenson Button third moment also recovered five points again, then Arthur-third more is a poor catch only 1 point. Although Barton thereafter recycling the opponent two-thirds foul three free throws to continue biting score, but Cousins ​​and Cowley - Stein each had two points to make the king a 5-point lead, but Augustine's three-point play and timely response to long shot let both sides into a fight again, and finally Cousins ​​steals Augustine made two free throws and tipped hit so that the king has 4-point lead, then Jokic after chase into a three-pointers, free throws Collison King 114-110 thrilling win.

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2016/2/24 16:10:25