FA Cup frozen over generals Wenger this game the main make out, back into the starting Ozil. Barca Turan suspended, MSN played side by side, which the home team's defense is a great test. After opening home game of the sights Arsenal took the lead, trying to pre-empt. 6 minutes, Monreal uprooting Rakitic eat the game's first yellow card. Arsenal then play fast counter, Ramsey has a shot blocked defender. Arsenal and Barcelona competition had not deliberately, but to try to counter the threat of rivals. Barcelona 20 minutes before the game to occupy possession advantage, but come prepared to face Arsenal did not find a particularly large number of scoring chances. The first 22 minutes, Beilai Lin shot was blocked in front of the melee shot angle Chamberlain being too Teershite root hold. As the game progresses, the gradual strengthening of the scraping Barcelona, ​​the home team began the offensive goal, Messi kicker shot from outside the area many times but have been denied the defense. The final stage of the first half Barcelona right from the ball, but in front of Suarez headed top side. First half ended, the two sides into a 0-0 battle temporarily.

During the break neither substitutions adjustments. Opening the second half Barca rapid attack, Neymar is single-handedly Tuishe Cech denied. The first 50 minutes, Walcott replaced Chamberlain. During this time many Barcelona against Arsenal a threat by closing down, but pass little much. The first 60 minutes, Arsenal cross from the left was headed inside the restricted area Giroux Teershite root struggling denied. The first 71 minutes, Barca hit back, cross in front Neymar, Messi singled Cech Tuishe 0-1! This is the first time Macy break Cech goal.

Wenger quickly substitutions adjustment, replaced Welbeck Giroux. The first 79 minutes, Ramsey received Welbeck pass close range shot was Teershite root resolved. Subsequently, Flamini replaced Kekui Lin, professor exhausted substitutions. The first 83 minutes, Mathieu Flamini within the restricted area with ease belated kicked Messi, Barca won a penalty opportunity, Messi overnight, 0-2! Since then the two sides no achievements, the final whistle, Barcelona beat Arsenal 2-0 in the promotion of road upper hand.

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