After New York defeated the Hornets returned home today ushered Nets challenges. 7 Hornets scored in double figures and the Nets played very deadlocked until the last 24.9 seconds, Hornets lead four minutes. Brook - Lopez offensive foul after the right hand over the ball, but Marvin - Williams expectations caused by foul free throws, let the game this conclusion. Ultimately, the Hornets 116-111 home win.

Hornets data: Nicholas - Batum 24 points and eight assists, Kemba - Walker 18 points and seven rebounds and seven assists, Al - Al Jefferson 18 points and eight rebounds, Frank - Kaminski 11 points and 3 rebounds, Spencer - Hawes 12 points and 4 points, Lin Hao, 13 points and 9 rebounds and 4 assists.

Nets data: Thaddeus - Young 27 points and eight rebounds, and Brook - Lopez 23 points, 5 rebounds, Joe - Johnson 16 points and four rebounds, Andrea - Bargnani 8 points, Jarrett - Jack 16 points and eight rebounds 9 assists.

 Hollis - Jefferson hit a jumper, Joe - Johnson launched into 2 three-pointers, Jack jumper, the Nets shot a wave of 13-3 offensive opening to become masters. Hindsight Hornets began to chase points: Bartum mid-range jumper network, Walker scored five points, the two together will be sent out. Before the game, Joe - Johnson has not been able to find the shooting touch, hit rate to 32.8 percent, but today the opening of his eyesight 4 from 4, only a half-section of time scored 11 points. After half of the first quarter, after Hawes enters third, the Hornets have been successful to tie the score. Lamb not in the third, the first section end of the game, the Hornets to 35-32 lead three minutes into the second quarter of the Nets game.

Section 2 three-pointers Hawes enters the second quarter continued to shine in the field, he cut to the basket before the ball hit a layup, followed by the pick and roll with the next Jeremy Lin Shun dunks succeeded, just five minutes of play time, Hawes scored 9 points, and the Clippers during the state is quite different. Hornets bench doing well today, in addition to Hawes, Kaminski also offensive end today positive. Thaddeus - Young and Thomas - Robinson after jumper network, the first half end of the game, the Nets 56-52 lead four minutes into the second half of the Hornets game.

Batum and Al - Al Jefferson jumper network, make the Hornets the second half of an opening in the match. The middle section II, Walker and Batum total injection 3 three-pointers, the Hornets take the initiative. Fortunately, Thaddeus - Yang Lian with the cast suddenly scored 11 points, one support from the team's offensive firepower, to save face for the team. Nine shots in a dismal performance on Bartum swept away half of the third quarter today, then scored five points. Larkin jumper after the end of the third quarter, the Hornets 86-86 and the Nets battle into a flat in the final of the competition. Three cruised 6-9 Batum has scored 19 points and six assists.

The first three quarters show no significant mountain dew Lin, distal opening his first layup fouled two free throws, then broke into the inside playing board network. Nets side, Jack even with the cast suddenly scored 7 points, will be sent out to 1 minute, let the game continue full of suspense. Last 24.9 seconds, Hornets lead four minutes. Lopez offensive foul after the ball right back to the Hornets, Marvin - Williams then fouled two free throws, let the game this conclusion. Ultimately, the Hornets 116-111 home win.

2015/11/19 3:15:40