All Zhongwei all have injured Bayern discharged by the 100th played in the Champions League led by captain Ram, the average height of less than 1 m 8 back line, Vidal starting debut to face former team. Juve defender Giorgio Chiellini is still out injured, Man Zhu Keech firing back into the starting, the same face his former club. Before the game the two sides had a friendly exchange mascot. Opening less than one minute the ball from Bayern, Man Zhu Keech shot but the ball Puzhu Neuer, Bayern on the break and then find opportunities Vidal shot but Buffon blocked. Bayern occupy possession advantage, but a great counter the threat of Juventus, Man Zhu Keech find continuous shot opportunities, Bayern slick passing in front also created a lot of opportunities. The first 20 minutes, Cuadrado touchline Costa tripped, the referee yellow card to the Costa. This time Juventus strengthened midfield scraping, Bayern recovered relatively hold its ground, both sides are looking for opportunities. 33 minutes, Tiago free kick, Levante shakes Leipzig Buffon hold the ball. The first 43 minutes, Robben on the right to the bottom line after killing a cross, left Costa kept the ball directly in front of the cross, blocked a bit Barzagli puts the ball to stop the foot Muller, Muller towards the ball shot 0 -1! Bayern to become masters in the lead. Then Juve counter attack, many dangerous situation inside the Bayern penalty area. The first half ended, temporarily Juventus a goal behind.

Allegri took the lead at halftime to make adjustments, Hernanes replaced Marchisio. After opening the second half Juve significantly strengthened closing down, he began to try to push through the half-court offense. The first 55 minutes, Bayern steals back, Robben received a pass from Levan reproduction endo signs, foot curve ball to send the ball goal nets, 0-2! The first 62 minutes, Juventus counterattack, Jimi Xi stopping mistakes, Man Zhu Keech sent assists, Di Bala single-handedly broke Tui near corner, 1-2! Juve morale hit consecutive offensive threat, Man Zhu Keech steals counterattack, Cuadrado's shot was blocked bravely Neuer, Bo Geba curve ball just wide. 68 minutes, Hedi La Stu was replaced. During this time the field is getting stronger smell of gunpowder, Levin ten thousand pairs Cuadrado booked for a foul. The first 74 minutes, Guardiola substitutions adjustment, Bernat replaced by Tia Burnett, while Morata replaced Di Bala. The first 75 minutes, Man Zhu Keech pick the ball just coming off the bench Morata pass in front of Stewart received a pass La Qiangdian break, 2-2! Allegri substitutions quickly receive results. The first 83 minutes, Franck Ribery replaced debut Costa. Juventus were clinging continuous Gongmen Neuer. End of the game, Juventus 2-2 home draw with Bayern Munich, nearly 17 unbeaten European home. Bayern captain Ram in his 100 games in the Champions League still failed to score, a record.

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