Bayern complete control of the game in the first half, but the second half Juve comeback match. After the game, Allegri said: "We must win in order to qualify, and now we have to win on the road today, the team played well, the second half did not commit an error in the first half we should have done better when a counterattack. Fortunately, we still have a few scoring opportunities creativity. our second half performance improved, so we get a reward. this proves that in the Champions League, you have more confidence, more courage. we still have confidence in the cut, this Jedi give us more confidence to fight back. Next, we must first focus on the Serie a league. "

Allegri on substitutions demonstrated his master tactician heritage, Hernanes after halftime to replace the injured Marchisio play, but came off the bench and Stu La Morata finished second goals. Allegri said:. "Our bench did well, and I'm delighted Hernanes, because he criticized the fans before Hedi tired, the midfield need to increase the running time, I come the La Stewart, and he returns my trust. "

When asked about the first half, Bayern 70 percent of possession is, in its expected it, Allegri said:. "Vidal is Bayern's last line of defense, we should not give our opponents so much space in accordance with Bayern his kicking rhythm, so we played hard. Fortunately, they later been slacking off, gave us a chance. we need to have more confidence in their abilities, we should not be recovered so deep. we have the ability to do it, timely comeback injured makes me very happy.

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2016/2/24 16:24:48