Rocket away game challenge today at the last 12 games won 11 games Blazers, Rockets complete comeback in the third quarter behind 21 points in the case, Harden III single scored 15 points, scored 44 He points to help the Rockets to complete the comeback. Finally, in Harden led the Rockets to a 119-105 victory to win reversal of the pioneers.

Blazers data: Damian - Lillard 23 points, seven assists and six rebounds, CJ- McCollum 20 points, five rebounds and four assists, Al - Farooq - Ami Nu 13 points, six rebounds, Mason - Pula Bromley 10 points and four rebounds, Gerald - Henderson 13 points and 2 assists, Ed - Davis 6 points and 12 rebounds.

Rocket Data: James - Harden 26 audience voted 16 scored 46 points and eight assists, five rebounds and two steals, Dwight - Howard 19 points and 13 rebounds and three blocked shots, Patrick - Beverly 14 points 6 rebounds, Trevor - Trevor Ariza 6 points, eight rebounds and five assists, Corey - Brewer 10 points and four rebounds, Jason - Terry 8 points 2 rebounds.

Beverly Harden pass then start to pull the game off the lead in goals scored, pioneer here rely Lillard third won the first points, the Blazers sits at home will soon find offensive sense, this Beverly side corner entered a third, and then a bout Lillard answered with a record third, the Blazers will soon occupy the scene initiative, McCollum shot again in forcing the Rockets called timeout. Suspension back quickly Ariza hit a record one-third, but the defensive end he has never been able to restrict their opponents, Pula Bromley follow dunks, Aminu vacancy third hit 45 degrees, the Blazers firmly keep the lead. The last paragraph of the rockets and had to rely on third Harden Brewer fast under layup The score down to 1 points, but the Blazers last paragraph arise, Scatter Harkless first follow-up dunks succeeded, then just after halftime one step away from direct ultra-long hit a record pointer by the Cavaliers, with this in mind the magical one-third, the Blazers to 34-28 lead six minutes rockets.

Second section return Blazers maintained a hot hand, McCollum first to hit the third, Henderson soon after two consecutive corner hit the third, the Blazers quickly established a double-digit lead. Harden's layup to help the Rockets to stabilize the situation, but the Blazers then is the new round of attacks, Meyers-third again, the Blazers sent a wave of 12-2 offensive continue to widen lead. Under the rocket still deadlocked not find a solution, resulting in the last paragraph of Lillard Ariza foul free throws, the Blazers to 64-49 with a 15-point advantage into the second half.

Section Blazers still feel hot, Aminu and McCollum and then pause before the first two three-pointers, the Blazers played 9-2 offensive to expand the lead to 21 points, 21 points is a pioneer in this field the biggest lead. Rockets were forced to call a timeout early, then hit three points to help the Rockets Beverly break the deadlock, the feeling of getting back the rocket began to fight back, Howard Harden assists empty dunks succeeded, Josh hit high shots, the Rockets continue to shrink significantly and opponents gap, veteran Terry then warmed to him one with two three-pointers will be sent out to 10 points. Blazers then caused three consecutive fouls, free throws 4 6 balls. Harden scored in the subsequent access to personal mode, one with him into the three three-pointers, single scored 15 points to help the Rockets, he had up to 21-point deficit down to 5 points. The last time Ed - Davis with tonic buckle to help stabilize the situation Blazers. Three cruised the Rockets to 86-93 with a 7-point deficit entering the fourth quarter.

Rockets into the fourth quarter played completely from the potential continuation of the third quarter Harden fiery state, opening the first attack will be labeled as 2 + 1 ball back. Both sides are caught short after scoring drought, the first to break the deadlock or rockets, score or Harden! He first reached the basket layup shortly thereafter completed high throw empty assists Howard dunks, Brewer outside third again, the Rockets opened with a strong wave of 14-2 offensive go-ahead score. Pula Bromley foul but two free throws, the Rockets here, Brewer also cause foul two free throws, the key moment Harden scored four points, the Rockets ahead score widening lead. Rockets fired only on the offensive end completely in this section, the defensive end oppressive Blazers also no way, McCollum's goal to help stabilize the situation pioneer, then they resorted to foul tactics Howard also received results, with Lillard's layup and then, the Blazers will be sent out to five points. Maybe hack Shaq bring results, the Blazers did not look at the time they entered within two minutes further tactical foul was whistled for a penalty threw Harden seize the opportunity to win a round of 3 points, while in the subsequent then made two free throws in the advantage expanded to 10 points lead. Eventually, the rocket away from home to 119-105 win over Portland super complete reversal.

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2016/2/26 15:37:09