Pelicans vs. Thunder back to back, the two teams played very stalemate in the first three quarters, the score all the way biting. However, pelicans found thirds feel in the fourth quarter, they opened the score. Although the Thunder in the end of the game two little scoring, but ultimately failed to help the team tied the score. Eventually, the pelican at home to 123-119 Lectra Thunder.

Pelican data: Anthony - Davis 30 points, six rebounds and four blocked shots, Norris - Cole 21 points, eight assists and six rebounds, Dante - Cunningham 10 points and six rebounds, Zhu - Huo Ledi 22 points and nine assists, Ryan - Anderson 26 points and six rebounds, Tony - Douglas 12 points and 4 rebounds.

Data Thunder: Kevin - Durant 32 points, 14 rebounds and seven assists, Russell - Westbrook 44 points and nine assists, Sergei - ibaka 15 points, 5 rebounds, Steven - Adams 8 points and 5 rebounds, Dieng -Waiters 8 points and 5 assists, Enes - Canterbury 8 points and 1 rebound.

Cole start for the Pelicans scored six points, but less Thunderbolt II retaliate immediately teamed scored six points, the two teams played very stalemate in the beginning. Cole feel hot again after 1 three-pointers, eyebrows brother also open attack mode, he dumped succeeded soared and 2 three-pointers, to help lead the pelican. Although less prestige after the Thunder scored six points, but shot down six points cast retaliate on hand Gema eyebrows, pelicans maintain the lead. This section concludes with a minute and a half, Pelican Lane sudden foreign investment Huo Ledi bench scored 4 points, but Waiters hit third lesson, Durant in the last attack also hook shot, Thunder in the first section of the end biting score to 32-35.

Pelican lineup that is played up in the second quarter a score climax, Douglas Anderson and Huo Ledi scored separately, Cunningham also soared in the third, pelicans play a wave 9-2, in one fell swoop to establish a 10-point lead . However, the emergence of ups and downs after the pelican state, they hit rate of decline in nearly three minutes of time scoreless. Thunder took the opportunity to chase points, Durant hit three jumper, Westbrook is also connected with a fine cast scored four points, Thunder answered with a wave of 10-0, in one fell swoop to tie the game. Ryan - Anderson later stand up for Pelicans scored six points, but the feel hot Westbrook scored six points immediately fired back, the two teams tie game continues. This section last 1 minute, Cole and Anderson together for the Pelicans scored five points, but Durant even vote with a penalty scored 5 points retaliate, Westbrook also labeled as 2 + 1, Thunder halftime 64 -61 go-ahead score.

Cole came back in the third quarter caused by one-third foul, three free throws, then eyebrows Gori sudden foreign investment longer Pelican scored six points, but shot down four points retaliate Ibaka, Durant also succeeded in the cast the score biting. After the two teams continued to exchange, eyebrows brother and then get 4 points, but Westbrook scored seven points retaliate. This section of the final 2 minutes, Anderson hit consecutive Pelican substitute, scored seven points, but Ibaka with a fine cast scored four points in color. Three cruised to 89-87 lead two minutes pelicans.

Cunningham and Douglas soared in the third one up in the fourth quarter, Anderson again in the cast, pelican to extend their lead to eight points, a direct hit to stop the Thunder. After the pause, the two teams start exchange, and Waiters Durant soared in the third, but the Pelican Douglas and Huo Ledi immediately hit third lesson, Pelican continues to lead. However, Durant even vote with a penalty scored 3 points, Westbrook soared in the third, the Thunder a little narrow the score. But pelicans respond, Huo Ledi and Anderson hit the third retaliate, pelican to re-establish a double-digit lead. The final three minutes, Thunder launched a frenzied counterattack, Westbrook scored seven points stand out, Durant layup, the Thunder success points deficit to 3 points. When foul eyebrows brother left in the game 1 minute, he made two free throws to help the pelican hold our ground. While Durant at 12.7 seconds left hit the third, but unfortunately time was not enough, the Thunder can only use foul tactics, Huo Ledi two free throws, followed by Westbrook in the third shot, the Thunder hopeless situation.

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