The first leg of war, Liverpool away draw with rivals and failed to score, so the second leg of the two sides back to the same starting line. Liverpool at home all season, lost only three games, but coach Klopp must have been well aware of Augsburg, which is an advantage for the home team. And Augsburg in the last 10 on the road in all competitions won 7 times, from the state of the team, the Augsburg and the recent record between Liverpool touches par, if this field in Augsburg based defense not necessarily there will be no surprises. The campaign Joe - Allen, Danny - Ince, Lallana et al injury, but also Bayer Augsburg, Moravec, Trochowski, Feulner and others injured lack. Game start. 3 minutes, Liverpool corner offensive handball in the penalty area Cole, Liverpool won a penalty opportunity. Milner into the left corner, 1-0! The first 15 minutes, Henderson turned back a long pass forward runs Phil Mino, the latter volley wide on the corner of area. The first 21 minutes, after Kudiniao steals back to Sturridge, who pass the post after shaking shovel back Kudiniao restricted area is denied Hitz knees. After 2 minutes, then Phil Klein Camino heel rub low shot wide. The first 24 minutes, Felix Batista outside the area of ​​long-range diss Minnie Ole denied, then booked for a foul in midfield. After 2 minutes, Moreno left the ball low and flat, before Phil Mino point Dianshe Hitz was flying resolved. The first 35 minutes, Lucas return errors, Karyo than go past Ole Meaney low shot was rescue Nicolas gate line. 38 minutes, Coutinho restricted area on the right side to knock Sturridge latter low shot in the column. The first 44 minutes, Karyo than swept down Kudiniao booked. Liverpool 1-0 at home temporarily Augsburg halftime.
Easy side battles the second half. 48 minutes, Coutinho Sturridge Fanqiang Feierhahe handed the ball inside the penalty area, wading through the defense after the latter shot just wide. The first 62 minutes, shot after cutting inside the left Kudiniao wide of the right post. The first 65 minutes, Ao Liji replaced striker Sturridge adjustment. The first 70 minutes, Werner's single ball was Minnie Ole attack damage, followed by small Altintop failed labeled blank range. After 1 minute, Bobadilla replaced Werner. Preach Houaoliji within the restricted area to play in the formation of refraction Jancker who blocked Hitz flying. 76 minutes, Henderson restricted area to keep up with one foot low shot was saved by Hitz. 2 minutes after the hit, Teixeira replaced Coutinho, Mora Wakefield replaced Koo Ja-Cheol. 81 minutes, Mora Wake instep ejection outside the area hit the target community. The first 88 minutes, Philip Meredith Starr direct free kick just wide of the upper right corner. In the end, Liverpool 1-0 victory over Augsburg.

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