In both the first leg of the contest, Manchester United lost 1-2 at Midtjylland, Memphis get away goal for United. The campaign, Manchester United continue to suffer serious injuries, only Degea, Smolin and Rooney can not play, the warm-up before the game when Marshall suddenly injured, Van Gaal sent Carrick as a central defender helpless, as teenager Rashford starting center, Manchester United's bench did not even filled. After the start of the game, Manchester United's first home game pressure, high closing down very active. The first 15 minutes, shot after cutting inside Rashford, Anderson made key saves. Manchester United firmly to control the pace of the game by passing, Midtjylland is based on opportunistic defense to fight back. The first 27 minutes, the ball has to go past Sixto Blinder and Michael Carrick, grab shot into the far corner before plugging in Riley succeeded, the score became 0-1! Total score of 1-3 behind Manchester United.

The first 32 minutes, Manchester United to tie the game, resulting in cross Baudouin Krumlov Memphis sidewalk breakthrough after the own goal, the score becomes 1-1! Total score of 2-3 behind Manchester United. The first 34 minutes, Novak was after Lingard steals pull people foul, the referee to show him a yellow card. The first 37 minutes, after the restricted area within the forest Schneider steals barbed shot sliding doors. Memphis shot and then left the ball at the near post, sideways out. The first 41 minutes, Memphis Chuandang extraordinary, Herrera inside the area by Romer down, the referee ordered a penalty kick to Romer yellow card. Mata kick missed scoring opportunities, his penalty was saved by Anderson. Injury time, Rush Crawford shot hit the side-netting, the two sides into the intermission.

Easy side battles, Midtjylland with Aonu Ya Chu replaced Urena. The first 47 minutes, Herrera biography, Schneider forest Tui target. Subsequently, Memphis cross from the left point after Herrera header hoisting wiping out the right column. Manchester United came from behind to continue through the wing attack, Memphis continuous outstanding performance opportunities. The first 63 minutes, Manchester United, the total score, Mata bottom line to save the ball, teenager Rush Tui Crawford scored, the score became 2-1! The first 66 minutes, Midtjylland Substitution, Kadlec replaced Hasan. After 3 minutes, Memphis frontcourt steals after extraordinary row, but unfortunately the final lob was saved. Subsequently, Lingard fell in the penalty area, the main referee Lingard diving to his yellow card.

The first 74 minutes, Barrera cross from the right front of the Tui Rush Crawford scored, Manchester United to rewrite the score 3-1! The first 78 minutes, Midtjylland Puxi Qi replaced by Olsson, Manchester United Rojo replaced with Riley. The first 86 minutes, Manchester United get a penalty, kick Herrera overnight, Manchester United will expand the score 4-1! Subsequently, Luo Mola fouls eat a second yellow card and is dismissed. The first 89 minutes, after cutting inside the left Memphis long-range, the lower left corner the ball flying into the goal, the score became 5-1! Injury time, Herrera was benched. Eventually, as the referee's whistle, the end of the match, Manchester United with a total score 6-3 eliminated in Jutland, the last 16.

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