Wizards challenge away from home today 76ers, the Wizards in the first half of the performance is quite bad, they only successful go-ahead until the third quarter and to establish superiority. 76 people last paragraph has narrowed the score to 5 points, but then did not go further. Ultimately, fighting away the Wizards beat the 76ers 103-94 win victory.

76 Data: Djalil - Okafor 21 points and six rebounds, Robert - Covington 12 points, 12 rebounds and three steals, Nick - Stout Ilgauskas 15 points and two rebounds, Ismail - Smith 10 points and eight assists and seven rebounds, TJ- McConnell 10 points and 2 assists.

Data Wizards: John - Wall 23 points and 11 assists and eight rebounds, Marcin - Gortat 12 points and 11 rebounds, Jared - Dudley 14 points, three rebounds and three assists, Otto - Porter 9 points 10 rebounds, Maji Fu - Morris 10 points, seven rebounds and two blocked shots.

Okafor then Smith shot - hitting the ball kicked the game off the lead, the Wizards here Potter outside shooting into the team to get the first three points. 76 people after the start with two goals into a brief scoring drought, relying on Okafor's personal ability to break the deadlock. But the Wizards side of the state is not good, relying on Potter's goal they barely lead. Both sides raise pause after returning offensive efficiency, Covington 76 people hit the third, followed by Smith scored four points, 76 ahead score achieved by a narrow margin. Wizards side of the state in general, and Bill Porter's goal to help them biting score. The last paragraph of 76 people still do not have the slightest relaxation, Grant's dunk and 76 assists to help people with 26-21 end of the first section of the competition.

Second section back Wizards rely on Nene and Alan - Anderson scores took the lead, but Kanaan then answered with three Wizards no way. 76 people returning after suspension of the performance is still efficient, high shooting succeed McConnell, Thompson hit three outside, 76 to continue to expand the lead. Wall first breakthrough succeeded critical moment, then hit three assists Alain outside Wall led the Wizards in usher in a wave of 10-0 offensive success ahead score. Behind 76 people did not panic, but to rely on third Stout Ilgauskas stabilize the situation, then answered with a wave 11-0 76ers offensive to regain the advantage. Dudley last moment outside third hit, nearly Wall buzzer layup, the Wizards to 48-52 with four minutes into the second half disadvantage.

Section III back 76 here Okafor scored the first with a fine cast. Wizards Wall still active here with the team's offense, he was outside scored 5 points to help the team biting score. Then even sent two assists, including helping Dudley hit the third goal for the team ahead score. Pause Return Stout Ilgauskas hit the third to stabilize the situation, but then Wall counterattack break layup, after the two sides played inextricably, 76 people had to rely on third Covington once again made six-point advantage, but since the last paragraph again runaway Wall, the Wizards last 12 points and 10 points from scoring or assists in the Wall, his performance at the last moment to help the Wizards play a wave of 12-2 offensive to retake the lead, three Harding Park, Washington to 76-72 go-ahead 4 points.

The last 12 minutes of the competition, Dudley is opening a record third, but then cause Canaan Sessions thirds foul three free throws lesson. Wizards start a little to take the initiative, but 76 people here chasing points momentum is very fierce, McConnell and Okafor scored consecutive goals to help the team biting score. Half-section taken inside the building after killing the Wizards storm approaches, Nene fouled twice and four free throws to establish a double-digit advantage. However, 76 people did not stop the collapse, Smith breakthrough succeeded, Stout Ilgauskas hit three outside, people rely on the tireless efforts of 76 will be sent out to five points hope. Countdown critical stage Gortat scored tipped for giving the Wizards breathing, followed by 76 people serve violation occurred five seconds to hand over the ball the ball. Wizards take this success to stabilize the situation. Eventually, the Wizards beat the 76ers 103-94 to win the victory.

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