Former Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard said he could at the end of the season American League announced his retirement.

In his "Daily Telegraph" column, he wrote: "Anything not 100% set, but in the Los Angeles Galaxy this season as a professional player could be my last season I know I've come to my career. evening, I will soon start UEFA coaching license a-level learning, and the FA are willing to help, encourage veterans to enter the coaching position. "

The beginning of the season I was invited to meet with the England U19 youth team, but in the next international competitions date, they also plan to arrange more such opportunities. I know players like Rio Ferdinand, Jamie Carragher have also received similar invite. this is what I am willing to push things further. "

At the same time, enjoying success in the Los Angeles Galaxy is my priority right now. American life in many different ways with Liverpool, but football is still the same train every day, preparing for the game. Next winter (end American Major League Soccer ) I want to test out coaching qualifications, give yourself some other options. "

Well, after seeing some of the super team bid, perhaps I should reconsider media reported salary, paradoxically, it is certainly a lot to make the world feel uneasy League! - Not just the American League? I guess some of the standards are considered to have the Premier League players in the past have considered the United States, and now they will consider going to China. "

"However, before making similar decisions, you need to consider other factors. I chose Los Angeles because I believe that this league is very competitive, but also because of the lifestyle and the opportunity to end his career in American life."

If someone ready to end the Premiership career, then before they consider China's financial resources, I would recommend that they consider the US Major League Terry ...... but I admit I have not called and asked the case of the US Major League. I want to know whether Premiership players have started the registration Chinese classes.

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2016/2/27 16:40:02