In the previous League Cup semi-final after a penalty shoot-out Liverpool Stoke City, Everton and Manchester City out of the finals. Opening less than 1 minute, Liverpool will get scoring chances, Sturridge pass, Moreno put a plug in to get a shot Caballero. After 22 minutes, Aguero closed front ball, lateral the ball go past him and Nicolas Lucas kicker shot, the ball was Meany Ole flutter a bit hit the post. Then, head injuries are Nicolas Kolo - Toure replaced. The first 32 minutes, Liverpool left with a free kick, Coutinho ball down the front, Kolo - Toure failed to top the ball, Liverpool missed scoring opportunities. Both sides in the increasingly fierce midfield scraping, more and more concentrated smell of gunpowder, the game repeatedly interrupted foul. The first 44 minutes, Milner left the ball crosses a header Chan, after the point Kudiniao direct shot he missed. Then half of the game ended, the two sides with the score 0-0 into the intermission.

Easy side battles, both sides did not make substitutions to adjust. The first 49 minutes, Manchester City to break the deadlock, after Silva midfield steals to Aguero, the latter straight to Fernandinho, Fernandinho small-angle volley to break, the score becomes 0 -1! The first 55 minutes, Stewart Ritchie sent Zhise frontier closed area, Milner missed single-handedly. The first 59 minutes, Manchester City played wonderful, Silva cross, Tui small restricted area missed Stirling, missed the opportunity to expand the score. The first 62 minutes, Aguero ball reached the restricted area was Liverpool Moreno down, the referee refused a penalty. The first 79 minutes, Aguero on the right at the bottom of the inverted triangle return, Stirling misses the target again. The first 83 minutes, Liverpool's equalizer, Lallana hit the post, Coutinho shot to tie the game, the score becomes 1-1! Subsequently, Minnie Ole made several key saves, the two sides into overtime.

Overtime began, replaced Fernando Navas, Saba Leta replace Sagna play. The two sides continue to fight in the midfield. 101 minutes Ao Liji Road long-range higher. The first 104 minutes, Silva pass, Aguero single-handedly broke into the Liverpool penalty area, Minnie Ole again made key saves, so that left a block Aguero shot wide of the far corner. Then the game into the second half extra time. The first 108 minutes, Milner bottom line pass, after the point of Ao Liji vigorously Caballero brave header was saved! Then, replace Bernie Silva play. 111 minutes Milner headed return errors, Aguirre Luoling empty shot hit high. Overtime end of the game, the two sides into the penalty shootout.

Shootout the first round, Emre - Zhan spoon penalty to break, Fernandinho hit the post in Rimini Ole interference. The second round, Lucas Caballero penalty was saved, Navas overnight. The third round, Caballero heroics saved Coutinho shot, Aguero penalty incident. Subsequently, Caballero and saved Lallana's shot, Yaya Toure scored from the penalty spot. Finally, the total score 4-2 Manchester City beat Liverpool won the League Cup trophy.

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