8 minutes, Kolodziejczak grab shot hit high inside the restricted area. The first 12 minutes, Alex - Vidal sent Zhise, Suarez hit the door was saved Rico. The first 13 minutes, Messi corner, the center of the box after the ball hit the post pop-up, follow-up after Suarez heavy artillery kick hit the crossbar. The first 20 minutes, Sevilla become masters, Trémoulinas pass, the ball hit the far corner after Vitolo point broke, 0-1! The first 23 minutes, Busquets sent a long pass after the field, Rico time to attack the ball with ease. The first 30 minutes, Suarez made a for Barcelona before the games positioning the ball, Messi surgeon kick direct Leipzig ball over the wall and flew into the far corner, Rico put out less than 1-1! The first 37 minutes, Turan sent Zhise Messi kicker from the center penalty area the ball was resolved Rico. The first 42 minutes, Messi and Neymar kick into the box hit the wall with the door wide. The first half ended, the two sides battle 1-1.

Easy side battles less than 3 minutes, Barcelona go-ahead score. Barca in the corner after being destroyed reorganized within Suarez penalty area the ball Yi Zhu defensive player the ball back to do, Pick up Tuishe 2-1! The first 51 minutes, Gameiro alone in front of Bravo, Bravo with his body Tui was denied. Barcelona fought back immediately, after Neymar Messi received a pass all alone in front Rico, his shot saved by goalkeeper also go. The first 54 minutes, Busquets restricted line sudden Shi Leng Jian, the ball flying to defuse Rico. The first 60 minutes, Turan biography, Roberto header was dodge Suarez denied. The first 78 minutes, Sevilla corner, Enzo economic header wide. Since then both sides have offensive and defensive, but failed to rewrite the score. Final Barcelona 2-1 Sevilla.

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