Round before the game, Arsenal ranks third in the standings, from the top two points shy of the team Leicester City, still hopes to win big, while Manchester United are fifth, since yesterday lore Leicester City win Therefore in this field aim at Arsenal three points away, while Manchester United will be desperate for Champions League qualification a try. Opening less than 1 minute Welbeck access to the right foot hit the door, Degea ball confiscated. 7 minutes, Monreal opportunity to obtain single-handedly, Degea brave attack to defuse the danger. The first 20 minutes, Sanchez right foot low shot missed. The first 29 minutes, Manchester United score first, Barrera right pass, Arsenal defender siege mistakes, the restricted area of ​​Mount Crawford Tui right foot the ball into the score became 1- 0. The first 32 minutes, Lin Jiade cross in front, Rush Crawford leaping shakes Leipzig Cech no way this ball, the score became 2-0.

The first 40 minutes, Arsenal pulled one back, Ozil out before the games positioning the ball, Welbeck header succeeded, the score became 1-2. 46 minutes, Sanchez closed front Memphis strong long-range was denied the bottom line.

Easy side battles, the first 52 minutes, Sanchez ball into penalty area newcomer right foot hit the door, the ball defensive player denied. The first 55 minutes, can not adhere to the game injured Rojo, Mensa has gone to be replaced. The first 56 minutes, Manchester United out before the games positioning the ball, fired volley after Shinaidelin point blocked. The first 63 minutes, Walcott Substitution Giroux. The first 65 minutes, Manchester United scored again, back to do inside the penalty area Mount Crawford, Herrera keep strong shot, the ball hit the face Koscielny bomb into the goal, the score became 3-1. 69 minutes, Welbeck hit the door was blocked, Ozil left foot volley nets, the score became 3-2, Arsenal once again retained the hope of winning.

The first 80 minutes, two goals for Manchester United a contribution assists Rush Crawford benched, fans rose to applaud him. Since then both sides had no achievements, the final Arsenal 3-2 at Old Trafford.

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2016/2/29 16:30:19