Today, King vs. Eagles back to back, this game Jeff - Teague continued lack of war injury, the Eagles made at the end of the second quarter 11-2 halftime lead 10 points, although since then the king was to narrow the points difference to 2 points But with Millsap and Schroeder's excellent play, the Eagles win terminate game losing streak.

Eagles data: - Paul Millsap 23 points and 16 rebounds, Dennis - Schroeder 22 points and six assists, Al - Horford 17 points and 1 rebounds, Kyle - Kyle Korver 8 points and 5 rebounds, Lamar - Pat Mori 9 points, 5 rebounds, Shelvin - Mack 6 points and 5 assists.

Kings data: Demarcus - test Sings 24 points and 12 rebounds, Rajon - Rondo 12 points and 10 assists and 12 rebounds, Rudy - Rudy Gay 14 points and six rebounds, Costa - Koufos 13 points and six rebounds this - Maikelemo 11 points and 1 rebounds.

The first Festival began, opening the Eagles by the Justin - Huo Ledi and Schroeder together 3 three-pointers, and the king side Cousins ​​Glenealy 5 points together after Guy and Maikelemo retake 6 points, the king also The first half section made three-point lead. Londo then a pass for a vote to score points for the Kings, while the Hawks in Millsap layup continuous inside and Lamar - Patterson third tied the score. Since then the Eagles by extension penalty killing to take points, but at the end of this section Cousins ​​even vote with a penalty scored seven points to help the king to 30-27 lead.

Second section of the game to come back, the king made a series Collison teammates, Mike Hawks opened the scoring two free throws, Kyle Korver then fired in succession outside, tie score. In both the score alternating the lead after a few rounds, Shiluodeli sudden foreign investment Glenealy 5 points to help the Hawks is leading 1 minute, to the end of this section suspended back, the king suddenly misfiring attack, the Eagles took the opportunity to play a wave of 11-2 to 62- 52 halftime lead.

Halftime back, the king and external integration catch the score, while Schroeder first Glenealy 4 points followed by three consecutive inside-outside scoring teammates to help the Hawks to maintain about 10 points points difference, but then the Eagles offense repeatedly missed shots after King riposte a wave of 9-2 to reduce the points difference to 4 points, then Millsap scored 4 points though, but still failed to stop the momentum of the king's chasing points, with the final Belinelli hit a jumper, the king only 79-81 behind.

To the last one, the Hawks up Horford hit third, followed by Mike layup once again opened the score difference. Since then both sides feel bad outside, scores are dependent inside, although Casspi layup and three-point play Koufos, but helpless Hawks more flowering to maintain 11-point lead. To this section of the final stage, the king suddenly defensive force, hit a wave of 9-0 points difference again narrowed to two points, but hit a key shot with help the Hawks win.

2015/11/19 3:17:35