Today Celtics vs. Jazz, Jazz become masters opening lead multi-point score, then the Celtics every step has been hot pursuit of the score and the game deadlocked in the end, the key three-pointers and Claude Bradley closure Celtics thrilling win.

Celtics data: Jay - Claude 22 points and 4 assists, Isaiah - Thomas 18 points and nine assists, Avery - Bradley 18 points 2 rebounds, Taylor - Zeller 10 points and six rebounds, Jared Germany - Salin Jie 8 points and 9 rebounds, Evan - Turner 8 points and 6 rebounds.

Sir data: Terex - Liles 18 points and 10 rebounds, Derek - Favors 11 points and 16 rebounds, Rudy - Goebel 12 points and 12 rebounds, Gordon - Hayward 16 points and six assists, Shell Man - Mack 18 min 1 assists, Raul - Neto 7 points and 4 assists.

The first competition outside third Claude assists and the Celtics took the lead to get 5 points, while Goebel scored four points inside also allows the Jazz keep pace, then the two sides have no repeatedly shot beyond the arc and return after the attack, while in Hayward finally hit a record third, Bradley and Claude let the two sides tied the score 9-9. Thereafter, although continuous assists Claude Thomas and Bradley get 5 points inside and outside, but individual Hayward took five minutes to respond, and Mike, and Favors Hood Sir shots with 8-point lead. To the end of this section, Isaiah - Thomas play aggressive, driving layup three consecutive rounds approaching the score, and Trey - Liles final three-point play, or let the Jazz to 29-23 lead.

Came to the second section of the game, the Celtics appear continuous shot, and Terre - Liles before the continuation of the state have up another jumper layup also hit third, individual scored 7 points to expand the lead again , but fortunately the Celtics adjust promptly hit back at 7-0 to avoid a big deficit in the case. In the next three minutes, the two sides entered the defensive battle, shooting just wide of Jordan have continued - Mickey dunk for the Celtics, then the two sides alternately in response to score, and hit the last moment Isaiah - Thomas almost buzzer break layup to help the Celtics to 43-46 approaching the score.

Halftime back, Jazz will firepower concentrated in the paint, Favors also delivered personally to get 7 points, and Isaiah - Thomas also has six points for Houston plus Amir - Johnson made two free throws to make the Celtics have been tight bite the score, followed by Neto recorded two long-range jumper to get 5 points have been scored and respond Claude third Sullinger inside playing board, only two points ahead jazz, followed by offensive efficiency has the lower sides, jazz there Neto, Hood and Liles each get two points, and third Smart network and outside foul three free throws after being two also bite the score for the team again, and finally killing both consecutive free throws, g Lauder's three-point play and Taylor - Zeller consecutive hit two free throws again approaching the score, 73-72 Jazz lead slightly.

The two sides fight to the last section, after Mike and Jieleibuke Biao third, the Celtics defense outstanding in the next two minutes in a 6-0 play again in one fell swoop go-ahead 5 points, but the Jazz request for suspension adjustment back after two record Hood COSCO jumper and Hayward, Goebel also scored quickly answered with a wave 9-2 also go-ahead score, then Sullinger jumper let two sides draw again. After Hayward's two free throws, Isaiah - Thomas and Mack led their respective teams alternating the lead, followed by Mike and Claude also soared one-third of the Celtics in the last 30 seconds when lead 1 minute, then rushed out of Bradley Hayward successful closure of a key jumper, eventually the Celtics 100-95 win.

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2016/3/1 15:57:46