Knight sits at home against the Pacers, the two teams are fighting back to back. The campaign teams played inextricably, to the end of the game has been stalemate. When the two teams in the game 1 minute time left a tie game, but Tristan - Thompson hit a hook in the next, helping the Cavaliers the lead. Thompson sent after the defensive end cap, the Pacers missed the opportunity to tie the game. Ultimately, the Cavaliers 100-96 Lectra Walker, ending a losing streak 2, 3-game losing streak to swallow the Pacers.

Knight data: LeBron - James 33 points, 5 rebounds and 4 assists, Carey - Owen 22 points and six assists, Kevin - Carrefour 13 points and 8 rebounds and 6 assists, JR- Smith 11 points and 3 rebounds, Tristan - Thompson 14 points 11 rebounds, Matthew Dellavedova6 points and five assists.

Pacers data: Paul - George 23 points, eight rebounds and six assists, Monta - Ellis 28 points and 2 assists, George - Hill 11 points and five assists, Myers - Turner 8 points and 4 rebounds, Jordan - Hill 6 points and 3 rebounds, Chase - Budinger 11 points and four rebounds.

The first section of the game, James quickly find comeback campaign feel at the start, he was suddenly outside investment and scored eight points. But the Pacers immediately respond, and Ellis Paul - George teamed scored six points retaliate, the two teams in the first half before the holiday biting score. Later, the two sides gradually put off the bench, Jordan - Hill scored four points for the Pacers, but Knight Dellavedova hit third lesson, James maintained a hot hand, and then scored four points, the Knights maintained a lead. However, the knight in this section last 2 and a half minutes is not continuous, there is no score. Paul - George is dropped into the third, the Pacers at the end of the first section to 19-18 go-ahead 1 minute.

Second section back, the main point Knight becomes Owen and Carrefour, the two together scored eight points, but the Pacers lineup more flowering Budinger scored six points, Lavoie - Allen scored five points - George Hill also hit third, the Pacers completed the go-ahead. However, James in the last paragraph of this section again opened fire, he hit two three-pointers and a layup labeled 2 +1, Knight success at halftime to 44-43 go-ahead 1 minute.

Midfielder back, Paul - George hit two three-pointers in the third quarter and early part of the complete dunk, but Owen scored 7 points immediately retaliate, the score continues to bite. Although labeled as 2 + 1 and after Ellis hit the third, but the Cavaliers scored the Big Three successive retaliate. At the end of this section, feel hot and Ellis Paul - George again in the third, but JR- Smith hit the third lesson, James rounded out the basket to get 5 points, both inside and outside the flowering of the Cavaliers to 74-73 lead 1 points in the final one.

The last one, the Pacers bench Budinger, Starkey, etc. are scoring, the Pacers once made 5-point lead. But after Owen and Carrefour timely score, catching the score to help the Cavaliers. Later, Tristan - Thompson suddenly find touch, he scored six points, JR- Smith also dropped into third, both inside and outside the flowering knights completed ahead. However, Ellis and Paul - George after another score, to help the Pacers to tie the game. When the two teams in the game 1 minute time left a tie game, but Tristan - Thompson in the next hook shot, helping the Cavaliers the lead. After Thompson on the defensive end and then send the key cover, be denied the opportunity to direct pedestrians to tie the game. Eventually, the Cavaliers win.

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