While leading the Premier League standings, but coach Claudio Ranieri stressed Leicester, Tottenham, Arsenal are the favorites to win the league.

Now ranked first in the Premier League Leicester City, Tottenham 2 points difference, followed by Arsenal, five points behind third. For all the team's prospects for victory, Ranieri said: "I believe that Tottenham are favorites, Tottenham and Arsenal are the best players together at various locations, whether offensive or defensive, they know how they should do.."

"Everyone is talking about the city of Leicester, but few people pay attention to Tottenham. Tottenham in my opinion is most popular, followed by Arsenal, Manchester City. I know that we are pleasantly surprised, now motivated. But if we Realistically, you can say Leicester City kicked out of a great season, but the real title contenders Manchester City, Arsenal and Tottenham. Tottenham this season we have encountered is the best team. "

"Our players must be under pressure as well as all of this growth. I am for the future to build the team, if someone can not cope with stress, then the future they will not continue to stay with me. Leicester City hope in the future 3-4 achieved growth in every season in this level of competition. competition for the top, I do not know, but the European Cup competition and the Champions League. "

"Now we get pressure from the media and rumors experience, Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid, this, that. This is great, 5 months ago no one considered the Leicester City and now we had a great season, these players the same must be kicked out of focus. we have no limit, we hope to do our best. "

"Our work is done, we hope to avoid relegation, but if we play a game, then we can consider some of the new things we want to accomplish some outstanding achievements."

Although the second half of the season, but Ranieri is not prepared to make adjustments to the team line-up. He said: "Everyone know us, but we must stick to their football, performance wise if we continue his football, continue to win, so why should I change it is, I am 'Tinker' but.? equally important win.

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2016/3/1 16:26:39