Although Arsenal in bank accounts 135 million pound signings funds, but Wenger has been told he can only use 70 million pounds in the summer to reinforce the team.

Club level forced by the pressure of Arsenal fans also worried about the team's future development, careful to give Wenger the funds.After losing to Manchester United on Sunday, Wenger has said; "They have a very experienced midfielder, to know that they have spent the past two seasons a lot of money.Last summer, many giants in order to burn signings, Wenger only spent 10 million pounds to introduce Cech, which also allow Gunners fans very unhappy.

Premier League next season, the new television contract will take effect, Arsenal can be assigned from a lot of money, Arsenal hope to use this income to their squad and two Ace Ozil and Sanchez completed contract . (Ozil weekly earnings of £ 150,000 currently, Sanchez weekly £ 130,000 and they are hoping to get a 20 million pounds weekly contract.)

But lost to Barcelona in the Champions League, the league after losing to Manchester United, only the star player and team renewal is not enough, it is learned this summer, Wenger hopes to reinforcing the position of the three teams, namely, defender, midfielder and forward. In recent weeks, Wan Amazon, Stones, ngoro - Canterbury (French midfielder), Obame Yang, and Nigeria striker Ao Diang - Jude - Andre Harlow (Secretary striker), respectively, and also gunmen linked together.

2016/3/1 16:29:04