Miami sits at home against the Bulls, Rose comeback campaign. Heat feel hot all the way to stay ahead in the first three quarters, 13 points ahead of the final section to enter. However, the Bulls in the fourth quarter expanded counterattack, once the score closer. But at the crucial moment Whiteside scoring, helping the Heat re-opened the score. In the end, the Heat to 129-111 victory over the Bulls, made two game winning streak, while the 3-game losing streak to the Bulls.

Heat Data: Dwyane - Wade 18 points and seven assists, Joe - Johnson 24 points, 5 rebounds, the Golan - Dragic 17 points and 11 assists, lol - Deng 20 points and four rebounds, Hassan - Whiteside 26 points and 14 rebounds, Justis - Winslow 8 points and 2 assists, Amare - Amare Stoudemire 7 points and 4 rebounds.

Bulls data: Derek - Rose 17 points, 3 assists, Paul - Gasol 15 points, nine rebounds and six assists, Thailand - Gibson 13 points, three rebounds, Mike Dunleavy Jr. - 10 points 2 rebounds, Aaron - Brooks 16 points and 2 rebounds.

The first section of the game, the two teams exchange that one up, Pau Gasol scored six points for the Bulls, Deng scored four points but answered, Stoudemire labeled as 2 +1, the two teams at the start biting the score. However, after the Bulls hit rate declined, once in 3 more minutes in only 2 points. Heat seize the opportunity to pull the score, Wade, Joe - Johnson, Josh Whiteside - Richardson et another score, the Heat shot 12-2 climax, established 11-point lead. The last paragraph of this section, the Bulls chase points off offensive, Portis scored six points, Pau Gasol-thirds vote, the Bulls at the end of the first to narrow the score to 30-36.

Second section back, Ross scored five points to help the Bulls once the points deficit to 3 points. But Whiteside scored 4 points immediately retaliate, Deng also dropped into third, the Heat again expand the lead. However, half of the Bulls Festival in this offensive set off to chase points, and Pau Gasol basket succeeded Ross Moore hit two three-pointers, the Bulls shot 10-4, the points deficit to 2 points. Although Whiteside at the end of this section for the Heat scored 4 points, but the Bulls Gibson immediately even vote with a penalty scored six points retaliate, the Bulls to 62-65 at halftime behind the 3 points.

Midfielder back, the Bulls hit rate of decline, the Heat is more flowering, Dwyane Wade scored four points, Tang and Joe - Johnson hit third, the Heat established a double-digit lead. Later, Rose for the Bulls dropped into the third, but Joe - Johnson scored 4 points fired back, the Heat to further expand the lead. However, the Bulls feel warmer in the last paragraph of this section, Brooks came off the bench, McDermott and Portis are succeeded, the Bulls played a 6-0 score to narrow slightly. In this section, but Wade hit the last attack, the Heat to 95-82 lead with 13 minutes, and ended the first three quarters.

The last one, Whiteside and Deng teamed scored six points, the Heat has achieved 19-point lead. But Expand Bulls after a frenzied counterattack, they found three-point touch, Brooks, Portis and Justin - Huo Ledi thrown together 4 three-pointers, the Bulls played a wave of 16-3, the points difference narrowed to 6 points. However, the Heat regained consciousness in time, Joe - Johnson, Dragic and Whiteside stand out continuous score, the Heat 8-0 to regain double-digit lead. The end of the game, Whiteside stood up and then scored seven points to lead the Heat 9-0, the Heat made 20 points or more lead. In the end, the Heat at home to harvest a victory.

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