Start of the race less than 1 minute, Chelsea broke the deadlock in the field! Kennedy after cutting inside the ball has run low shot broke, 0-1! The first 17 minutes, Jerome's header from the center slightly higher. The first 34 minutes, Te Tai injured in the scraping can not insist on being replaced O'Neill. The first 35 minutes, Chelsea corner to open the restricted area, the head of a small law above the goal. The first 40 minutes, a small law before the games positioning the ball straight from the center, the ball Rudy resolve. First half stoppage time, Diego - Costa Traore's pass then, alone in front of Rudy lob succeeded, 0-2! But replays showed the ball Costa offside. The first half ended, Chelsea 2 goal lead.

Easy side battles, Jerome threat after another Chelsea goal, but ultimately failed to score. The first 57 minutes, Traore small-angle low shot hit the side-netting. The first 61 minutes, Jerome header inside the restricted area above. The first 68 minutes, Norwich pulled one back, Hula Khan sent crossing the ball the ball strong H-door small angle within the restricted area Raymond, 1-2! The first 73 minutes, a small law fighting booked for a foul. Since then both sides have offensive and defensive but failed to rewrite the score again. The final whistle, Chelsea's 2-1 win over Norwich.

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