Benzema Real Madrid center recently involved in a case of extortion Valbuena, and by the French police investigation, even if he is convicted may face jail. Real Madrid Benzema obviously do not want a personal error affects the image of the club, they have begun to consider the introduction of a new center, while Juventus striker Morata Real Madrid is one of the goals.

Morata from Real Madrid last summer move to Juventus, the team rounded out the Champions League final and greatest hero, while Real Madrid has the right to repurchase Morata. Morata had previously said he was considering only Juve, but "mediaset" citing "Mr. Football" Spanish magazine reports that in fact does not exclude Morat back to Real Madrid, in such a world-class giants effect on his career and the future of the national team is more favorable, but Morata proposed a return to conditions that Ronaldo to leave, because he does not want to continue after the handover when Ronaldo deputy.

Morata when the media revealed that in the past the relationship between Real Madrid and Ronaldo's bad, and he does not want to when Ronaldo's wingman. Juventus striker Morata can enjoy the core treatment, have a lot of freedom to attack and shooting, but he can play center in Madrid for Ronaldo along the way, he would not again become a minor player of the team. Therefore, only after Ronaldo from Real Madrid, Morata was willing to return to the Galaxy fleet.

Morata is not impossible to achieve this aspiration, this season, Ronaldo was president Florentino Perez and manager Rafael Benitez joined forces to suppress, he is no longer the only core of the team, and teammates are no longer completely surrounds him to kick, which makes the data Ronaldo are the decline. The media pointed out that Florentino has been considering the sale of Ronaldo next summer, and the pricing of 80 million pounds for him. Once Ronaldo leave, the only obstacle to the return Morata Real Madrid will also be eliminated.

Casillas of Real Madrid after leaving the team in the absence of a core of the youth team, while 23-year-old Morata as a leader in the Real Madrid youth academy training, once expected to return to the pitch for the club and the fans. But even if the transfer of Morata have to wait until next summer, he is currently more concerned about the weekend's Serie A play well, "We want to beat Milan in the standings to overtake them. We are not the best start to the season, but every day we are getting better, we are still hungry for victory, we want to return to their position should this season have become strong competitors, Serie A has become more difficult, at least four or five teams can compete Serie A champions.

2015/11/19 3:29:50