3 minutes, Malas outside the area suddenly Shi Leng Jian, being played too Abbiati confiscated. 7 minutes, Antonelli straight, cross the ball knock before Kuci Ka, Honda Keisuke close Qiangdian header above to miss the opportunity. 9 minutes, Malas straight, single-handedly won Feisinale hit the door was Abbiati denied. The first 20 minutes, Keisuke Honda sent overheads tear each other line of defense, after stopping the chest inside the penalty area Menez volley broke, 1-0! The first 24 minutes, Bonaventure opened the corner, Kuci Ka header ferry, in front Romagnoli Dianshe nets, 2-0! The first 39 minutes, Keisuke Honda pass found Polly, Polly ball low and flat, Menezes outflank broke, 3-0! The first half ended, Milan has three goals at hand.

Easy side battles, the first 70 minutes, Milan before the games positioning the ball, Balotelli directly hit the door just wide. The first 80 minutes, Milan corner, Sabato with Romagnoli Qiangdian contention accidentally kicked the ball into his own door, 4-0! The first 86 minutes, Keisuke Honda sent Zhise Baca alone in front of the keeper misses the target. The first 89 minutes, the hair was straight, Balotelli solo run easily Tuishe 5-0! The final whistle, AC Milan five goals victory, took the lead into the final.

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