Sits at home in Rockets ushered in the same team Southwest Division rivals pelican, the Rockets this field pointers appalling, their first 33 three-point shots and hit only two balls, but at the last moment Beverly rocket hit the third record of the field third to help the team go-ahead score, during Harden scored six points to become a key contributor. In the end, James scored 39 points - Harden led the Rockets to 100-95 beat Pelican won the victory.

Rocket Data: James - Harden 39 points and 12 rebounds, seven assists and four steals, there has also eight turnovers, Dwight - Howard 16 points and nine rebounds and three blocked shots, Patrick - Beverly 15 points and 9 rebounds Corey - Brewer 9 points and four rebounds.

Pelican data: Norris - Cole 21 points, eight assists and four rebounds, Anthony - Davis 12 points, eight rebounds and three assists, Dante - Cunningham 16 points, three rebounds, Eric - Gordon 14 points, three rebounds and three assists, Ryan - Anderson 14 points and 10 rebounds, Zhu - Huo Ledi 13 points and eight assists.

Harden with his trademark pull-up jumper to win the first points of the field, by virtue of pelicans Cunningham third open up the situation. The two sides start was relatively quite satisfactory, but the first to find the feeling of pelicans soon hit back, Cunningham and Gordon followed two consecutive three-pointers to help the team a slight advantage. Rocket performance is not bad here, Harden counterattack layup, turned Motel basket hook shot. Pause Return Pelican slight advantage, Gordon shooting accuracy, Cole hit a layup into the basket, keep firmly Pelicans slight lead, the first section of Harding Park, Pelican Rockets to 28-25 lead three minutes.

Second section pelican scene once again occupy the initiative, with the suspension of the return of Cole third goal, scored 5 points pelican will widen the advantage to nine points. Rockets-third of the field miserable, Harden in the last six minutes of the session before the team to help the Rockets dropped the first three-pointers in this field goal, followed by the same Beverly hit two three-pointers but it is they field before the 46 minutes in the only third goal. Rocket successfully equalizer. Rockets tied the game continued to force, Howard basket labeled as 2 + 1, Harden foul free throws, the Rockets before halftime to 53-52 lead one minute into the second half.

The second half came back to play with blood like pelicans general broke out, pelicans pause before the first third of 4 shots all hit, and Gordon Cunningham teamed hit four three-pointers to stop the rockets directly hit during Harden recorded two iconic shots failed to block the opponent fiery performance, leading up to the Pelican had 9 points. Harden is still the most stable scoring the Rockets, his goals and assists Capella shooting to help the Rockets to catch up the score. Although the performance is good, but the Rockets no gains beyond the arc, this section of their six three-point shots all blacksmith, bad pitching Rockets delay opened up the situation, cruised to three, the Rockets 76-76 and pelicans a tie game.

Rocket start into the fourth quarter misfiring again, the game in the past 2 minutes and 45 seconds without a point where they are until Harden back layup to break the deadlock before. Pelican rely on third start Huo Ledi slight advantage, but they also suffered after misfiring did not take the initiative. The key moment Harden cause thirds foul hit two free throws, Motel basket hook shot, the Rockets made a slight advantage. Pelicans last paragraph again to reverse the situation, eyebrows Kota into key 2 + 1, Anderson hit the third 45-degree angle, Pelican with 8-0 offensive set up a six-point advantage. The key moment Harden demonstrated outstanding personal abilities, he even vote with a penalty scored 4 points critical rocket leaves room for reversal, with Houbeifuli thirds in the case of misfiring team, then pass by the end of Harden angle hit the fatal third, the Rockets with this record three complete go-ahead score. With Hou Hadeng foul free throws lead. In the end, the Rockets won 100-95 defeat Pelicans victory.

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