Celtic sits at home against the Trail Blazers back to back, in the first half the two teams played very stalemate. However, the Blazers in the third quarter shooting slump, only a single 12 points, the Celtics took the opportunity to establish a 24-point lead. Trail Blazers in the fourth quarter comeback fails, the final Celtics at home to 116-93 victory over the Blazers, made four straight, while the Blazers three-game winning streak ended.

Celtics data: Isaiah - Thomas 30 points and 4 rebounds, Avery - Bradley 17 points and 3 steals, Jay - Claude 12 points and six rebounds, Jared - Salin Jie 15 points and 11 rebounds Marcus - Smart 15 points and 11 rebounds, Jonas - Jieleibuke 10 points and six rebounds.

Blazers data: Damian - Lillard 20 points and four rebounds, CJ- McCollum 17 points and 2 assists, Mason - Pula Bromley 9 points and 7 rebounds, Morris - Harkless 5 points and 7 rebounds, Allen - Crabbe 10 points and 3 rebounds.

Blazers start to become masters, McCollum soared in the third, the vote succeeded Aminu and Lillard Blazers played 9-4 start. Although dropped into third after Claude Thomas Green Army and small, but McCollum hit the third and cast lesson, continues to lead the Blazers. Later Blazers more investment along Crabbe soared in the third, Lillard hit three and layup, the Blazers shot a wave of 10-2, once made 12 points lead. However, the Green Army fought back in the last paragraph of this section, little Thomas into 2 + 1, Claude hit the third, Smart continuous manufacture of anti-hit four free throws, the Blazers answered with a wave 12-3, in the first section at the end of the chase the score 30-33.

Two teams in the second round launched early part exchange Blazers Meyers - Leonard and McCollum soared in the third, but Bradley was sudden foreign investment to the Green Army scored six points, green Army biting score. Later, Smart and Bradley have hit the third, the Green Army once go-ahead score. But together after McCollum and Lillard scored 7 points to help the Blazers regained a narrow lead. However, at the end of this section of the small Thomas scored 5 points to lead the Celtics to complete the go-ahead again to 61-55 lead six minutes into halftime.

Halftime break back inside Salin Jie scored 5 points to help the Celtics to extend their lead to 13 points. Although after Lillard hit the third, but Sullinger and Amir - Johnson scored six points in the paint together retaliate, small Thomas also soared in the third, both inside and outside the flowering of the Green Army to further expand the lead. Blazers is more investment and worse, they fell into after 3 and a half minutes scoreless; green army maintained a good feel, Bradley scored six points to help the Celtics continue to widen the score. Three cruised to 91-67 lead Celtics with 24 points.

Trail Blazers in the fourth quarter feel warmer, Harkless and Lillard soared in the third, but the Celtics bench Smart scored and Jieleibuke immediately retaliate, the Green Army maintained a big lead. Later the little Thomas with a fine cast scored four points to help the Green Army to expand the lead. Seeing Blazers comeback hopeless, pulled ahead of a public main, this game into garbage time.

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