Nine-game losing streak of 76 people today to take home the challenges ushered in the Hornets, the first half with 76 capsules clenched third of the score, only the distal Hornets opened the score. Ultimately, the Hornets 119-99 gave 76 ten-game losing streak.

76 Data: Isaiah - Canandaigua 17 points, Robert - Covington 17 points and 9 rebounds, Nalun Si - Noel 17 points and 4 assists, Hollis - Thompson 10 points and 2 rebounds, Ismail - Smith 12 points and five rebounds and eight assists.

Hornets data: Kemba - Walker 30 points and seven rebounds, Marvin - Williams 14 points and nine rebounds, Cody - Zeller 15 points and six rebounds, 14 points and 4 rebounds Jeremy Lin, Nicholas - Batum 12 points and seven assists.

An opening 76 at home began to rain-third: after Kanaan and Covington launched into third, Walker and Marvin - Williams immediately answered with a record one-third into the net. The first section in the middle, and Grant Canaan feel hot again in the third, forcing the Hornets request for the suspension. Suspension back, Al - Al Jefferson layup, Lin break layup for the team to save some face a little. Section second half, Hollis - Thompson began to dominate the team's offensive firepower, his first with the flow launched into third, then call a 2 + 1, performance is very efficient. After Jeremy Lin back step jumper, sect end of the game, the Hornets to 32-29 lead three minutes into the second section 76 of the competition.

Section II opening, Landry with a fine cast scored four points to help the 76 people in the match. Then before hand ring true Bartum launched into third and jump to avoid the points difference was expanded. Section 76 continues the hot-thirds feel, and Canaan Section Covington thirds again, the Hornets overwhelmed. Zeller foul free throws, Courtney - Lian fine cast scored four points, the Hornets played a 6-0 offensive to 58-50 lead eight minutes into the second half 76 games. 76 first half three-point shooting 43 percent, but shot just 36 percent.

The second half began, Marvin - Williams break underhand layup, Courtney - Lee fouled two free throws, a jumper Zeller network, the Hornets played a 6-0 offensive, but fortunately grabbed Noel offensive rebounds tipped hit, Covington launched into third for the team to stop bleeding. After half of the third quarter, Walker scored eight points, Courtney - Lee also launched into third, the Hornets take the initiative, the two teams have played a wave of offensive, Landry made two free throws after a foul, the third section end of the game, the Hornets to 83-74 lead 76 minutes into the final section 9 of the competition.

Distal opening, Jeremy Lin and Walker fouled two free throws. Lamb also stop network jumper, the Hornets lead to double digits. Ismail - Smith scored 5 points, 76 to become one of the highlights of the few people on the offensive end. After Walker and Batum hit a jumper, leading the Hornets to 17 points, the game has lost its suspense. Eventually, 76 ten-game losing streak to the Hornets.

2016/3/3 16:19:59