Sits at home to usher in magic bull today challenges the outstanding performance of the Magic build the first section 10-point lead early in the game to lay the tone, and ultimately, the Magic beat the Bulls 102-89 to win the victory.

Magic Data: Nikola - Vucevic 24 points and seven rebounds, Aaron - Gordon 13 points and 15 rebounds, Mario - Haizuo Virginia 21 points and five rebounds, Elfriede - Payton 9 points and 12 assists, Victor - Oladipo 17 points and seven rebounds.

Bulls data: Derek - Rose 16 points, six assists and four rebounds, Paul - Gasol 12 points and five rebounds, Doug - McDermott 11 points and four rebounds, Bobby - Portis 9 points 6 rebounds and 5 assists.

Vucevic high hook goal opened the game off, the Bulls rely on moles of 2 + 1 first points made in this field. Magic start was even better, Haizuo Virginia and Payton have been hit three-pointers, the Magic before the first pause to 14-5 lead. Bulls still can not find the pause after returning defensive approach, good CIC Vucevic even hit a three-pointers. Bulls occupy slightly below the stalemate scene initiative, Gasol hit consecutive free throw line near the shooting, the Bulls chase the score 6 points. Pause Return Bulls still can not defend the opponent's third, and Virginia Haizuo Ilyasova hit three successive points difference is re-opened. The first section of Harding Park, the Magic to 33-23 an early 10-point advantage.

Section back, McDermott third quite critical, with Portis scoring after shooting, the Bulls once again reduce the score to 5 points. But then suddenly misfiring Bulls make the team again reached an impasse, although the performance of the same magic is bad, but with a wave of 8-0 offensive during the magic once again opened the score. Bulls score off them quite hurt, but the Magic can always find a way to hit back, Payton sent assists to help his teammates hit consecutive shots, the Magic scored six points to widen the advantage to 15 points. Huo Ledi and the last paragraph of the Bulls rely on Dunleavy's two three-pointers to stabilize the situation. Harding Park half, the Magic to 60-50 maintained a 10 point advantage.

Easy side battles, the Bulls still have a good performance on the offensive end, but the defensive end did not always satisfactory, Virginia Haizuo then Vucevic pass easily hit shots, Oladipo the aid of the pick and roll high shooting succeed, with Haizuo Virginia again in the third, the magic lead reached a maximum of 20 points! Dunleavy key three to help the Bulls to stabilize the situation, then Brooks also makes a record one-third, although although unable to narrow the score, but did not allow the opponent to continue to pull big advantage. Three Harding Park, the Magic to 84-67 maintained a 17-point advantage.

17-point deficit to make very strange form, from the urgent need to speed on the counter effect of the bull has been good, although they pause before the first score did not make magic, but his side only three points is not dominant. Pause Return of Magic quickly control the situation, Vucevic first assists Haizuo Virginia layup, followed by his post storm hook shot. Magic not only maintains the advantages of a big score, while also consume a lot of time. The last paragraph of the Bulls continue to accelerate, but since the overall offensive frequently blocked, ultimately, hold the lead and the Magic beat the Bulls 102-89 to win the victory.

2016/3/3 16:21:38