In the last round of league, the key to Manchester United 3-2 Arsenal victory; the 0-0 draw with Watford Bournemouth. Due to serious injury defense, Manchester United teenager sent defender Mensah as a starter. After the start of the game, Watford launched the first offensive, utilization Manchester United had gradually stabilizing situation in the field. 4 minutes, Hollie Bass clearance by would pass almost scored an own goal. Subsequently, Herrera pass in the left point after the top header Marchal partial. 11 minutes after the restricted area before Ighalo dribbling shot, the ball Blind blocking out the bottom line. The first 18 minutes, Manchester United won the corner kick opportunity, the ball was rescue, Schneider Lin periphery long missed. The first 20 minutes, Memphis shot missed left.

The first 22 minutes, Mensah tackles foul was a yellow card. Subsequently, Dini teammate right pass misses the target. The first 25 minutes, stop the ball turned and shot wide of the restricted area Ighalo. After 3 minutes, Rojo cross from the left, after the point deduction Marchal directly lob over a defender after being Gomez got. The first 37 minutes, Waterford get scoring opportunities, Ighalo single-handedly reached the Manchester United penalty area, the ball with their feet accurately Degea stations denied the bottom line. The first 42 minutes, Manchester United turnovers, Blind Handicap, Ighalo plug shot was saved by De Gea! Subsequently, half of the game ended, the two sides into the intermission.

Easy side battles, both sides did not make personnel adjustments. 47 minutes, Ighalo got the ball in the Manchester United penalty area, but he was double-teamed much adjustment time Manchester United player, the ball eventually ease. After 1 minute, Kapu Ai Road, directly kicker shot slightly over the bar. Within 54 minutes, Ighalo on the right after extraordinary cut kicker sliding doors. The first 60 minutes, Mata restricted area before the kicker shot was saved. The first 65 minutes, after extraordinary sweep in front of Mount Crawford on the right, but no one Qiangdian Road. With Hou Mata received a pass in the left shot just wide.

The first 69 minutes, both sides made substitutions adjustment, Abdi was replaced Suarez, Damian replace Rojo play. The first 75 minutes, Amla Bart replace Ighalo play. The first 77 minutes, Lin Jiade replace Herrera play. The first 82 minutes, Marshall was tipped Bristol, Manchester United get a free kick, Bristol is cautioned by the referee. Mata takes the direct free kick shot, the ball flying directly into the far corner, the score became 1-0! Subsequently, Ania replace Behrami play. The first 89 minutes, Mata replace McNair play, Manchester United to strengthen the defense. Eventually, as the referee's whistle, the audience end of the game, Manchester United 1-0 win over Watford.

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