In the last round of league, Arsenal lost 2-3 away to Manchester United, Tottenham and Swansea lost 1-2, both sides need a victory to boost morale. First tee off Arsenal, Arsenal quickly into the rhythm, frequent attack. The first 2 minutes, Arsenal will get scoring chances, Sanchez knock to Giroux, who shot burst kick was blocked, with the Houkekuilin follow up shot hit a little high. 4 minutes, Campbell on the right under the bottom cross, Giroux had shot being blocked. The first 10 minutes, Giroux header, after Sanchez point blank volley kick, then he again shot hit the post pop-up. The first 14 minutes, Arsenal broke the deadlock, Sanchez left cross, after Campbell plug lying on the ground in the case of left foot volley, only Fabianski Musongpiqiu network, the score was 1-0!

The first 24 minutes, Campbell is unable to return after continuous shaking, to keep up with Ozil shot was blocked, with the Houbeilailin shot was Fabianski confiscated. The first 31 minutes, Amat midfielder steals, Cork sent Zhise, Fort Leach Tui far corner succeeded, the score becomes 1-1! The first 41 minutes, Giroux received Mertesacker headed back to do after volley, but the ball hit the crossbar pop. Since then the two sides failed again to create opportunities, half of the game ended, the two sides with the score 1-1 into the intermission.

Easy side battles, first to make personnel adjustments Swansea, West sent Cheng Yong has gone out to Sigurdson replacement. The first 48 minutes, then Campbell knock Sanchez shot, the ball was blocked Kingsley. The first 51 minutes, Ozil frontcourt beautiful card bit long ball grab, but his subsequent shot play space. After cutting inside the first 54 minutes, right-sided Ayub shot hit high. Subsequently, Arsenal won the corner kick opportunity, the right foot in the melee Sanchez bursts slip out the door. The first 58 minutes, Ozil free kick, Sanchez plug in the unguarded play space. The first 64 minutes, Arsenal adjustments to make substitutions, Welbeck replaced Campbell. Subsequently, Arsenal backcourt turnovers, the West in Sigurdson and his teammates get pole, but he Cech after wading through a small angle shot wide.

The first 67 minutes, Beilai Lin creating free kick, Sanchez shot hit the crossbar direct! 71 minutes, Swansea substitutions again, replaced Phil Fulton. The first 75 minutes, Swansea ahead score, West free kick to Sigurdson, Williams shot hit Qiangdian break, the score becomes 1-2! Behind Arsenal quickly make substitutions, Walcott replaced Sanchez debut. After 80 minutes, Ozil cross Giroux received back to do, Monreal great shot hit high. Before the whistle, Arsenal strengthen the attack, but the face of Swansea's defense failed to score. Eventually, as the referee's whistle, the audience end of the game, Arsenal lost 1-2 at home to Swansea, was reversed.

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