The game, the offensive line with Lallana Liverpool and Origi Kudiniao replace the present Turk, Lovren starters return from injury, Skrtel also recovered from injury off the bench on standby. The first 11 minutes, Silva takes the free positioning the ball to open the box, Fernandinho headed top side. The first 22 minutes, Lallana put a ball to the feet of Phil minocycline, minocycline Phil turned to volley hit too is not a threat to Hart. The first 25 minutes, Stirling outside the area long-range wide. The first 33 minutes, Lallana process before the ball field sudden Shi Leng Jian, the ball flying into the corner affixed Hart helpless, 1-0! The first 40 minutes, Phil Mino cross, Tongshe break Milner inside the penalty area, 2-0! Milner break the old main gate. Half-time, Liverpool 2 Manchester City goal lead.

Easy side battles, surrounded by boos mediocre Stirling replaced by Bernie. The first 47 minutes, Milner ball found Ao Liji, Ao Liji small-angle shot blocked by Hart. The first 56 minutes, the restricted area before Lallana sent pass, Phil Camino Tui gain another victory, 3-0! The first 59 minutes, Manchester City player backcourt turnovers, seize the opportunity Milner heavy shelling of the door, Hart saved the ball flying. The first 84 minutes, Henderson takes the direct center of the box before the games positioning the ball slightly wide of the left goal post. The final whistle, Manchester City 3-0 win over Liverpool.

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2016/3/3 16:40:55