The first 5 minutes, Levante from the left wing pass the ball, turned and hit the door was Rossi Navas confiscated. The first 11 minutes, Rossi restricted area before the lob hit high. The first 17 minutes, Cristiano missed long-range outside the area. The first 20 minutes, Vazquez on the right after the break pass, within the restricted area small-angle Cristiano turned and shot, the ball with their feet goalkeeper denied the bottom line. The first 26 minutes, Real Madrid out of the corner, Cristiano header just wide. Within 33 minutes, the restricted area defensive player Vazquez down, the referee ordered a penalty kick, Cristiano kick hit the 1-0! The first 38 minutes, Vazquez right pass, the ball Mayoral arc low shot, the ball hit the left post bounce to the keeper who roll into the net nest, 2-0! 1 minute, Levante pulled one back, Rossi Road sent Zhise, Di Weisen Tui succeeded, 2-1! Harding Park half, Real Madrid lead.

Easy side battles, the first 52 minutes, J Luo frontier closed area curve ball from the center just wide. The first 60 minutes, Casemiro try to hit long-range high. The first 66 minutes, J Lo sent over the top with a cross, Cristiano offside trap into the restricted area Tuishe hit the post. The first 73 minutes, Casemiro replaced by Heikki Zupančič. The first 75 minutes, Danilo ball low and flat cross struck Cristiano, Cristiano unfortunately hit the door again and missed goals. The first 82 minutes, Ruben - Garcia peripheral volley was saved by Navas cross body. Turn around within 87 minutes, Cristiano penalty area the ball to plug Jose, but the latter hit the door soft and weak. The first 2 minutes stoppage time, Vazquez forward pass near Cristiano bottom inverted triangle cross, Isco Tuishe 3-1! Overall final Harding Park, Real Madrid 3-1 Levante force Klein, harvest three points.

2016/3/3 16:50:01