This week the Bundesliga two games a week, is about to usher devil race Bayern make the rotation, Raberg first outing of the season debut, Neuer wear the captain's armband. Mainz evolutions three aspects of the defender. Bayern home game quickly occupy possession advantage, but for the first time the United States Yin Cili center of the box is launched with a corner kick, Parker headed top side. The first 13 minutes, Franck Ribery immediate concern after the bottom line biography, timely plug Vidal foot volley was Carius fell resolve. Ribery was active during this time, and repeated use of a breakthrough in the United States because the ball inside the penalty area Mainz create dangerous situations. The first 26 minutes, Mainz hit back, Donati right cross, Clemens Road attracting two defensive players after the point unmarked Jairo kicker shot broke, 0-1! Mainz lead to become masters. Bayern tried to strengthen the attack, but the face of tight defense Mainz few opportunities. The first half ended, temporarily Bayern a goal behind.

During the break, Mainz book rest to make adjustments, Late Zha replaced Bang Gete. Opening the second half shortly, Rafinha leave counterattack opponents booked. Muller then replaced comin debut. The first 54 minutes, Vidal's long-range Carius again fell to the ground to resolve. The first 60 minutes, both sides at the same time substitutions, replaced Marle Cordoba, Costa Tiago. The first 64 minutes, Robben restricted area outside the sudden Shi Leng Jian, the ball straight bottom right corner, beyond the reach of Carius, 1-1! Bayern equalized after morale, try again after Robben cut inside the long-range higher. The first 73 minutes, replaced the injured burro Brzezinski Donati, Mainz exhausted substitutions. The first 86 minutes, Mainz midfielder steals, Baum Gatlin grid ball, to keep up with the Tui Cordoba towards the ball, 1-2! Final match will end, Bayern Munich lost 1-2 at home to Mainz on the opponent's 11-game winning streak was ended.

2016/3/3 16:53:43