Following Curry ultra-long lore Thunder, Thunder Warriors battles back home, the two sides still locked in the performance of the first three quarters, the Warriors distal show strong rule of force, they played 8-0 offensive stalemate at the moment direct pull open a lead score after Curry even in the two three-pointers in mind unreasonable directly locked game. Eventually, the home game of the Warriors 121-106 to clinch the Thunder.

Data Warriors: Stephen - Curry 33 points, four rebounds and four assists, Klein - Thompson 21 points and three assists, Bradley Richmond - Green 14 points, eight rebounds and seven assists, Harrison - Barnes 14 points, 7 rebounds, five assists, Shawn - Livingston 11 points and eight assists.

Data Thunder: Kevin - Durant 32 points and 10 rebounds and nine assists, but also nine turnovers, Russell - Westbrook 22 points, seven assists and six rebounds, Serge - Ibaka 20 points 6 rebounds, Kyle - Singler 9 points and two rebounds.

Green Warriors first attack they created a foul, two free throws, but he has all blacksmith. Durant scored based games kicked off, the Warriors get the first three points by Barnes points. Both sides start to behave quite stalemate, Green outside third to help the team in the lead again, by virtue of Thunder Durant scoring biting score. Curry finally found the feeling of the last paragraph of his two three-pointers to help the team record unreasonable regain the lead. But the Thunder side of the state as well, the last paragraph of Durant hit all five free throws, Thunder to 28-29 only 1 point behind the Warriors.

Section two sides continue to maintain a hot state, the Warriors easily succeed here Speights high jumper, followed by Livingston labeled 2 +1, Thunder Durant assists West side jumper, reached the basket and then himself under layup. Warriors side of the third of the rain in the subsequent start of the next up, Thompson and Speights scored consecutive three-pointers to help the Warriors the lead. Under the stalemate Thunder always scored goals to catch up the score, Westbrook and continuous Kantor reached the basket to score, the Thunder scored six points again tied the score. Both of you come to me to show maintained until the last, the last paragraph of the two teams have almost how how to vote, Curry hit a last-minute three-pointers and scored a record playing board, half of Harding Park, the Warriors 63- 61 continue to maintain a slight advantage.

Adjust the back half, the Thunder fast heat early into the state, they will not only allow the Warriors first pause before a scoreless, but his side scored six points ahead score. Barnes high shots to help the Warriors to break the deadlock, then again in the Barnes outside third, the Warriors responded with a fiery performance of the opponent. Stalemate Westbrook and Durant have hit the third, the Thunder with a strong counter-attack once made 9-point lead. The last paragraph of the Warriors play counterattack, Speights high shooting succeed, Curry reached the basket layup, the Warriors before the end of the third quarter to chase the score 1 minutes into the fourth.

The last 12 minutes of fierce competition, the Warriors start first force, even before their first suspended seven points ahead and opened the score in the 45 degree position where Speights do not hesitate to directly hit the third. Pause Return of Thunder quickly enter the state, first reached the basket Durant dunk, then go baseline layup labeled 2 +1. Thunder although they could not complete the go-ahead, but the performance they strive to help them biting score. Time Warriors once again become the last paragraph, Curry reached the basket labeled 2 +1, Thompson empty cut the basket dunk, the Warriors played a wave 8-0 offensive to establish direct 12-point advantage. Thunder thereafter forced to take tactical foul, hit two free throws, but Bogut calm Thunder no way. Curry then again in the three-point arc, the Warriors firmly keep double-digit lead until the end. Eventually, the home game of the Warriors to 121-106 win over the Thunder won the victory.

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