Pelicans vs. Spurs today, both sides did not influence by back to back in the game has been biting the score, but in the end the stalemate, Aldridge and Leonard scoring Spurs thrilling win.

Pelican data: Anthony - Davis 17 points and 13 rebounds, Eric - Gordon 23 points, 5 rebounds, Norris - Cole 11 points and five assists, Zhu - Huo Ledi 13 points and seven assists, Ryan - Anderson 8 points 4 rebounds.

San Antonio Data: Branch pregnant - Leonard 30 points and 11 rebounds, LaMarcus - Aldridge 26 points and eight rebounds, Patty - Mills 9 points and eight assists, Tim - Tim Duncan 7 points, 5 rebounds, Danny - Green 11 points and 3 rebounds, David - West 5 points and 5 rebounds.

The first Festival began, Anthony - hook and Cole counterattack Davis dumped let Pelican lead, but Popovich replaced Parker early request for the suspension, followed by Green and Leonard quickly outside to take the score 5 points go-ahead score, Eric - Gordon also three-point play after the two sides into the tug of war, serials assists Mills and Dante - Cunningham and Davis scored for both sides to respond to the score, but Kawhi - Leonard continuous immediate concern basket to get 4 points plus Aldridge hook shot Spurs get 5-point lead, but the last two minutes of this section, a public Spurs failed to get off the bench to score in the field, was Pelican by the Ryan - Anderson continuous COSCO get 5 points his jumper hit a wave of 9-0 to regain a 26-22 lead.

Second section of the game back Danny - Green on the layup, then both errors, wrong into the wrong out of David - West took the opportunity to three-point play, followed by Pelican delay to score, the ball hit the half-section only by the Ryan - Anderson hit a technical foul free throws, the Spurs have Mills, Anderson's free throws, but also Leonard's long shot plus Butler's go-ahead jumper to 9 points. Then Babbitt third finally broke the scoring drought, but also ignited the pelicans attack, then Zhu - Huo Ledi also hit a record three assists and three-point play Gordon quickly approaching points difference to two points, followed by Cole Leonard also soared three points, although the last Aldridge inside Glenealy 4 points, but Eric - Gordon once again thirds network and Anthony - Davis field goal to make pelicans 46-45 overtake the lead in the first half.

Halftime back, the two sides after successive jumper, Danny - Green jumper and assists Duncan dunk again for the team regain the lead, and Eric - Gordon's jumper let Pelican biting score, followed by David Sri Lanka is in a defensive elbow chin bleeding had to end treatment, Aldridge and Duncan also make good use of this anti-consecutive free throws the Spurs maintained a slight lead, but this time more pelicans outside attack resolute, even in the three individual Cole jumper, Eric - Gordon also two three-pointers and a jumper to make the home team go-ahead 7 points, but the Spurs at the end of this section, a continuous brush responded to a wave of conversions score 6 -0 narrow the score to 67-68.

Came to the final section, the two sides hit rate has declined, the Spurs in the first three minutes, but no shots, while Douglas scores and Huo Ledi let Pelican consolidate the lead, and then come forward, although Aldridge even in the jumper to get 6 points, but Huo Ledi jumper and free throw and three-point play and the free throw Davis home team widening lead to 7 points. Since then again in the third as Cunningham also pelicans, but this time Aldridge and Leonard combined for 10 points tied the score again, then pause back again in Aldridge jumper, Leonard also assists Kashmir Sri Lanka's look at three points in the Spurs with a 5-point lead into the final minute, but Houlunnade is credited with a third game will be completely locked, the Spurs to 94-86 win the final game won seven straight.

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2016/3/4 16:00:12