Although in the league this season, has been almost missed the championship, but the Real Madrid star C Ronaldo said the team will work hard to win the honor in the Champions League.

In Rome's first leg clash in the Champions League knockout, C Ronaldo to help the team in the 2-0 win over the Portuguese in Italy that the team played a very beautiful game. On a commercial activity in Madrid, C Ronaldo said: "In the face of Rome we played well."

Frequency "Now we'll home advantage, but we can not be too optimistic this season in the Cup and the league we are very difficult, but we have a chance to win the Champions League. This makes us a dynamic, because there is no team to win the Champions League more than Real Madrid. "

In talking about his favorite way to score when, C Ronaldo said: "I dream of the perfect goal is to lead the way out of the other 11 players and score, but this is what will happen in the PS game."

"In my opinion, if you do not strive to pay, your talent is worthless. I think their level is almost always at such a level, I hope I can keep going for the team, supporters and myself fans to win collective honor and personal honor. this is what I insist on this road power.

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2016/3/4 16:21:03