The first game to the first 9 minutes, Rakitic sent Zhise Messi lob to break the ball, but the referee offside in advanced the ball is invalid. The first 21 minutes, Neymar, after cutting inside the cross, Messi had lost the ball defensive player small angle hit the door, Carlos was saved. The first 22 minutes, Barcelona the lead. Pass Roberto Carlos jump off the ball accidentally disposed of, Rakitic Jianlou Buddhism succeeded, 0-1! After 1 minute, Barcelona comeback. Messi back in the ball inside Neymar, Neymar gets the ball after a subtle knock unmarked Messi Tuishe break easily, 0-2! The first 38 minutes, Rayo Vallecano defender and goalkeeper mistakes with the opportunity to give Suarez Buddhism, but Suarez shot site is not marked, are chasing back Carlos resolve. The first 42 minutes, Diego - when Llorente flying tackles shovel to Rakitic, although he first hit the ball, but the heels are too high and the uprooting Rakitic knee, was a direct red card referee penalty . The first half ended, more than a dozen people in Barcelona two goals at hand.

Easy side battles, the first 53 minutes, Rakitic cross from the right fell to the ground Rayo Vallecano defender siege, the ball bounced in front of Suarez, Suarez volley hit the post pop-up tip-break Messi, 0 3! The first 57 minutes, Rayo Vallecano right from the ball, the ferry headed babe, Manu Qiao headed home, 1-3! The first 67 minutes, Barcelona before the games positioning the ball, Neymar direct center of the box hit the crossbar on the rebound, but Busquets follow-up tip is Iturra down, the referee ordered a penalty kick and red card penalty Iturra. But Suarez's penalty was saved by Carlos. The first 72 minutes, Suarez sent Zhise Messi run the ball low shot the keeper, 1-4! The first 86 minutes, Mathieu cross from the left, Turan headed icing on the cake, 1-5! Barcelona 5-1 final victory over Rayo Vallecano.

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