According to reports, Manchester United hope to next year January signings target A Yueze - Perez is now Tottenham phase, there are a lot of contention.

Sun broke the news editor, Tottenham has a good preparation for the Spanish striker a paper contract, the player has already been listed as Manchester United signings goal.

North London club last summer had been reported over the price of Perez, but with the players themselves say they are invited by Newcastle boss refused. "Tottenham is I have some interest, especially Rinpoche Tarantino. This for me is a compliment, but in the end I did not leave because the team thinks I can not leave."

22-year-old Peres appears to have the opportunity to open St. - James Park's transfer window, as long as the offer up enough to impress Newcastle.

Currently, his transfer value at about 15 million, either Tottenham or Manchester United for this fee are alone.

As we all know, the lack of a Kane Tottenham bench to relieve pressure on the offensive, so they were spotted spotted Perez is not surprising that they may lead to Manchester United one, because before they had reported to Perez price , enough sincerity.

Rumor has not reached the level can be confident that Manchester United may be in a more advantageous offer to make Newcastle into submission.

Manchester United's attack is imminent problem, they start from the league to now scored only two matches the first goal. Captain Rooney still in tough situations.

But it seems that Perez joined Van Gaal's team can not alleviate the dilemma, in the past two seasons, Perez in 46 games scored only 10 goals.

Van Gaal reuse best team can be more young players, including Wilson, Pres, Lin Jiade and Marchal, rather than competition and Tottenham to the signing of the success of Perez.

2015/11/19 3:34:04