Liverpool in the last round home game with a 3-0 score victory over Manchester City than their strength, and in the last two rounds, Liverpool have won, and one scored nine goals this Battle after wins over his face Crystal Palace, Klopp naturally want to get the team led the league three straight. Opening the first 7 minutes, breaking ball to Bora thank his teammates cross the restricted area, Minnie Ole time before Adebayor misses the ball Puxia decisive attack. The first 11 minutes, received a teammate pass Adebayor header from the center, the ball hit the crossbar pop, Liverpool escaped. Within a further period of time, both sides did not get a good chance to score. The first 25 minutes, Cabaye peripheral sudden Shi Leng Jian shot wide. The first 30 minutes, Ao Liji right foot long shots over the bar. The first 37 minutes, received a teammate Dan positioning the ball out of the header, Minnie Ole ball confiscated. End of the game the first half, the two sides fight a draw temporarily.

Half of the game has just begun, Liverpool fell into backwardness, the first 48 minutes, Ledley perimeter a shot knocked Minnie Ole's fingers off, The score became 1-0. The first 55 minutes, Ao Liji periphery long blocked by a defensive player. The first 61 minutes, Phil Mino frontier closed area left foot shot was defensive player denied the bottom line. The first 62 minutes, Milner received a second yellow card and sent off. The first 66 minutes, Phil McCarthy minoxidil long-range confiscated. The first 72 minutes, a mistake McCarthy siege, relaxed after Phil Mino ball off him single-handedly Tuishe hit, the score became 1-1. The first 78 minutes, Bora Xie lob was Minnie Ole resolved. The first 80 minutes, Bent replaced Ao Liji, Liverpool intends to carry out one last shot. The first 95 minutes, this Turk fell to the ground in the penalty area in contact with the body of Delaney, the referee ordered a penalty kick, create a penalty kick hit personally present Turk, finished on the opponent's lore, 1-2 ! Final match will end, Liverpool's 2-1 victory over Crystal Palace.

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2016/3/7 17:09:06