Barcelona away from home in the previous 22 wins, 3 draws and 2 losses record 69 points ranked first in the standings, the last round of league team with a 5-1 victory over Messi's wonderful play Rayo Vallecano. Bailei home Ewald had 10 wins, six draws and 11 defeats accumulate 36 points of the record standings ranked No. 8, the last round of league team lost to Sevilla 0-1 regret. After opening the two sides quickly into the state, 8 minutes, midfielder Lionel Messi right wing, sent a cross, Suarez ball onrush near to the bottom line to sweep the ball in front, to keep up with Munir outflanking pushed Kongmen succeeded, 0 -1 Barcelona lead.

The first 25 minutes, Alves Escalante in confrontation with the fall in the other penalty area, the referee did not make penalty. After 7 minutes, Messi sent subtle cross the frontier closed area after Munir plug may pass like shooting the ball out of the ball and the designated door. Shortly thereafter, using a long pass Ewald making threats, Escalante go far point volley shot just missed. The first 41 minutes, Barcelona Qianchangduanqiu fought back after Messi the ball out of defense players onrush to the other restricted area left foot low shot gain another victory, 0-2. Then the two teams will enter the stoppage has not been intermission, Barcelona temporary 2-goal lead.

Easy side again after the war the two teams did not choose to make personnel adjustments at halftime, but the stadium rain gradually increased. The first 48 minutes, scraping down Suarez Juan Encarnacion received a yellow card foul. Shortly thereafter, Soares sent a cross the frontier closed area, Macy plug kicker was promptly shot the other defensive players back on defense denied the bottom line. The first 66 minutes, Enrich into the restricted area after the ball back to do, to keep up with Adrian shot the ball high. After 2 minutes, the first to make adjustments Ewald, Saul bench mediocre Baston debut.

The first 76 minutes, the restricted area within Ramis tackles during handball foul, the referee decisive penalty kick, Messi penalty hit a record penalty spoon, 0-3.4 minutes later, Barcelona completed substitutions, Roberto , Batra and Weiermalun while coming off the bench, then Mascherano tackles during foul received a yellow card. After 84 minutes, Bravo Shoupao Qiu offensives, Roberto frontcourt ball sent pass, Suarez broke into the restricted area small-angle Chuandang extraordinary Leipzig succeeded, 0-4. The next time the score could not be rewritten again, after two minutes of stoppage time the referee whistle ended the match.

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2016/3/7 17:11:28