Knight sits at home against the Grizzlies back to back, campaign Grizzlies four main injury, but the other players performed well in the first section of the Grizzlies to build 8-point lead. After the two teams played very stalemate, the way the Grizzlies maintained a slim lead. Knight at the end of the game to start a frenzied counterattack, key three James helped the Cavaliers to see comeback hopes. But Owen in the last attack in the third shot, eventually Cavaliers to 103-106 loss to the Grizzlies three-game winning streak was ended.

Knight data: LeBron - James 28 points, nine rebounds and five assists, Carey - Owen 27 points and five assists, seven turnovers, Kevin - Carrefour 14 points and 11 rebounds, JR- Smith 6 points, 5 rebounds, Tristan - Thompson 11 points 6 rebounds, Iman - Shumpert 9 points and 4 rebounds.

Grizzlies data: Tony - Allen 26 points, four assists and five steals, Lance - Stephenson 17 points, seven rebounds, Mario - Chalmers 17 points, seven assists and four steals, Jiemaikeer - Green 16 points and 10 rebounds, six assists, PJ - Hairston 9 points and 3 rebounds, Vince - Vince Carter 15 points and 4 rebounds.

Grizzlies start to become masters, Jiemaikeer - Green and Tony - Allen scored, Hairston hit the third, the Grizzlies played 7-2 start. However, Knight launched immediately counterattack, James, Fort Worth music Mozgov attack succeeded basket, Knight equalized. After the two teams exchange that, Tony - Allen scored four points for the Grizzlies, but James answered with a layup and soared in the third, the score tightly bite. The last paragraph of this section, the Grizzlies bench outstanding performance, the cast and Carter hit third, Stephenson hit two jumpers, the end of the first section of the Grizzlies 33-25 lead with 8 points.

Grizzlies in the second quarter came back suddenly feel nothing, they are the first two and a half minutes in a row and not in a scoreless. Knight took the opportunity to chase points, Shumpert and Tristan - Thompson attack the basket succeeded, Owen hit the third, the Cavaliers 7-0 to score closer. Although the Grizzlies after Chalmers labeled 2 +1, but Le Fort Worth Irving jointly scored four points retaliate, biting the score. However, after the Grizzlies more investment along, Hairston, Chalmers and Tony - Allen succeeded, respectively, to re-establish the Grizzlies lead. At the end of this section, Jiemaikeer - Green vote with a penalty scored 4 points, Carter dropped into third, the Grizzlies once established 12-point lead. But James labeled as 2 +1 retaliate Knights at halftime the score is slightly reduced to 49-58.

JR- Smith hit the third one up in the third quarter, and James together after Owen scored 4 points, the Cavaliers point deficit to 4 points. However, Tony - Allen scored six points stand out in a timely manner, to help the Grizzlies again expand the lead. Later, the Grizzlies more flowering, Tony - Allen and Jiemaikeer - Greene basket succeeded, Chalmers dropped into third, the Grizzlies re-established 14-point lead. However, at the end of this section James scored four points stand out, Owen also succeeded Knights at the end of the third quarter to chase the score 74-82.

Knight more flowering early in the fourth, Irving, Jefferson and Dellavedova were succeeded, Knight points deficit to 4 points. But the Grizzlies promptly respond train Stephenson steals succeeded, Jiemaikeer - Green and Tony - Allen teamed scored 4 points, the Grizzlies answered with a wave 6-0, 10 points to regain the lead. However, after Owen broke out, he soared in 2 three-pointers and a layup, and succeeded in the cast, individual scored 9 points to help the Cavaliers points deficit to 3 points. After Knight more investment along, and then they were succeeded Le Fort Worth Irving, the Cavaliers completed ahead. However, the Grizzlies Jiemaikeer - Green and Chalmers hit in the cast at the end of the game, to help the Grizzlies to regain 1 point lead. James later mistakes, Knight only foul, Carter firmly hit free throws to extend their lead to four points. But James 3 seconds left in the game hit the third time, the Cavaliers only 1 point behind. Then Carter then firmly hit free throws, the Grizzlies ahead 3 points, as well as time 1.8 seconds. Owen last attack in the third shot, the Cavaliers missed the opportunity to tie the game.

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