Warriors back to back at home against the Magic, the first section of the Magic hit rate is not high, only a single 18 points, the Warriors build 13-point lead. After the Warriors maintained a good feel, the lead 17 minutes into the final section. However, the magic in the last section set off to chase points climax, when the time left in the game 1 minute to point deficit to 2 points. Critical moment, Clay - Thompson hit three-pointers, to help the Warriors hold our ground. After the Magic also mistakes, Curry counterattack layup, the Warriors this victory. Eventually, the Warriors 119-113 at home to beat the Magic.

Data Warriors: Stephen - Curry 41 points, 13 rebounds and four steals 5 turnovers, Klein - Thompson 27 points and six rebounds, Bradley Richmond - Green 1 points, nine rebounds and 10 assists 7 turnovers, Harrison - Barnes 8 points and 2 rebounds Andrew - Andrew Bogut 10 points 4 rebounds and 6 assists and five turnovers, Leandro - Barbosa 9 points 2 rebounds, Brandon - Rush 11 points and 1 rebounds, Shawn - Livingston 9 points and 2 assists.

Magic Data: Evan - Fournier 20 points and 3 assists, Victor - Oladipo 19 points and eight assists and nine rebounds, Aaron - Gordon 20 points and 16 rebounds, Brandon - Jennings 20 points, 3 assists, Ai Sen - Ilyasova 7 points 2 rebounds, Jason - Smith 13 points, 2 rebounds, El Fred - Payton 6 points and 7 assists.

Curry quickly find the race start to feel, he hit two three-pointers and a layup, but the Magic respond, Aaron - Gordon, Gary Payton and other Oladipo and attack the basket after another succeeded, more flowering magic to bite the score. However, in this middle section of the Magic hit rate declined in four and a half minutes in only 2 points; Klein - Thompson find touch, he personally scored 7 points, Brandon - Rush and Curry also dropped three points, the Warriors blasted a wave of 15-2, in one fell swoop to establish a 12-point lead. While Watson and Jennings at the end of this section for the Magic to score, but the Warriors bench Brandon - Rush dunk and soared in the third lesson, at the end of the first Warriors extended their lead to 31-18 .

Warriors hit rate fell back in the second quarter, the first four and a half minutes in only 3 points. Magic took the opportunity to chase points, Jennings open attack mode, he personally scored eight points to help the Magic played the climax of a wave of 12-3, the points deficit to 4 points. However, the Warriors back in time feel, Livingston, Clark and Klein - Thompson were succeeded, the Warriors re-establish a 10-point lead. Later, Klein - Thompson more investment along, he hit in the cast, and 2 three-pointers, to help the Warriors maintained a double-digit lead. The last paragraph of this section, Fournier stand up for the Magic scored six points, but Curry hit the third stop and a jumper, the Warriors 59-46 lead into halftime with 13 points.

Harrison - Barnes in the early part of the third quarter into 2 + 1, Curry again in the third, the Warriors have made 18-point lead. Although the Magic after Payton labeled 2 +1, but even now Curry scored 4 points with a fine cast retaliate, the Warriors led by as 19 points. However, after using magic hack Shaq, McAdoo consecutive fouls against the Warriors, McAdoo consecutive two free throws, the Warriors offensive rhythm disrupted. Magic Fournier then suddenly broke out, he hit two three-pointers and a layup, Aaron - sudden foreign investment in Gordon also scored 4 points, the Magic played a wave of 14-3, the points deficit to 8 points. Later McAdoo replaced the Warriors, Magic foul tactics to stop the Warriors regained the offensive rhythm, Curry even vote with a penalty scored 4 points, followed by Brandon - Rush and Curry again in the third, the Warriors played a wave 10-0, to re-establish a double-digit lead. At the end of this section, the Warriors bench Barbosa also find touch, he counterattack layup and hit the third, helping the Warriors at the end of the third quarter to extend their lead to 94-77.

Warriors back shooting slump in the fourth quarter, the first four minutes they only got 4 points. Magic took the opportunity to chase points, Ilyasova scored six points, and Jennings Virginia Haizuo soared in the third, the Magic played a wave of 15-4, the points difference narrowed to 6 points. Although stand up after the Warriors Livingston scored four points, but Aaron - Gordon scored 4 points immediately retaliate, magic clenched score. Curry left dropped into the third time in the game four minutes, but fired back Jennings scored 4 points, Fournier and Oladipo layup, more flowering of magic to be sent out to 2 points, this time the game time have 1 minute 13 seconds. However, Klein - Thompson at the crucial moment to stand up and dropped into the third, the Warriors made 5-point lead. Then Magic mistakes, Curry counterattack layup, the Warriors this victory.

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