According to British media, "Daily Telegraph" and "The Guardian" reported that former Chelsea team doctor Eva - Carneiro, former Blues boss Jose Mourinho requested a public apology, Chelsea and Mourinho is accused of presumed dismissal and sex discrimination.

August 9 last league game against Swansea, when he was Chelsea team doctor Eva approach late in the game for the treatment of Adjara, after coach Jose Mourinho when he was accused, and was temporarily deprived of doctor qualification, the club was eventually dismissed.

Eva and her husband attended the hearing this morning, the Labour Tribunal, his lawyer in a TV interview, said:. "We do not expect to have this verdict, both sides of the compensation requirements far addition, we hope Jose Mr. Mourinho a public apology. "

If the allegations of sex discrimination was established, Eva is possible to obtain hundreds of thousands of pounds in compensation. In addition, Eva Mourinho also made personal allegations and said the victims were discriminated against. However, the FA's investigation did not find Mourinho using discriminatory remarks.

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2016/3/8 16:38:51