Denver at home against the Knicks, Nuggets campaign more flowering, namely to establish a double-digit lead in the first half. Knicks in the second half and failed to narrow the score, the final six players in double figures the Nuggets at home to 110-94 win over the Knicks, made two game winning streak.

Nuggets data: Emanuel - Mudi Ai 15 points, seven rebounds and five assists, Kenneth - Farid 24 points and 10 rebounds, Gary - Harris 16 points and 4 rebounds, 4 assists, Nicholas - Jokic 20 points and nine rebounds, Will - Barton 6 points, 5 rebounds, Darrell - Arthur 10 points, 1 assist, DJ- Augustin 10 points and six assists.

Knicks data: Carmelo Anthony - 30 points, 7 rebounds and 4 assists, Krista Phillips - Boer Tianjin Gisborne 6 points, 5 rebounds, Aaron - Afflalo 9 points and 4 rebounds, Jose - Calderon 6 points and 4 assists, Derek - Williams 15 points and 4 rebounds, Kyle - Aokui by 10 points and five rebounds.

Nuggets home game quickly enter the state, Jokic, Mudi Ai and Farid successive succeeded, the Nuggets 8-0 start. However, the Knicks immediately launched a counterattack, Anthony Boer Tianjin Kyrgyz and Afflalo scored retaliate, New York to tie the game. After the two teams exchange that - Gary Harris rounded out the inside of the Nuggets scored five points, but the Knicks Derrick - Williams soared in the third retaliate, Anthony also labeled as 2 +1, the score tight biting. The last paragraph of this section, the Nuggets more flowering, off the bench together, and Arthur Barton scored 4 points, Mudiay also completed 2 layup, the Nuggets at the end of the first section to 31-25 lead six minutes.

Knicks lineup more flowering in the early part of the second quarter, Derek - Williams, Seraphim and Galloway, respectively, to score, the Knicks shot a wave of 10-2, in one fell swoop to complete the go-ahead. However, after the Nuggets gradually back feel, Barton scored 4 points, Augustin hit the third, the Nuggets to regain the lead. In this section of the middle Knicks hit rate declined in four and a half minutes in a row and not in a scoreless; Nuggets opened the score seize the opportunity, Gary - Harris hit two three-pointers, Farid and Jokic inside each scored 4 points, the Nuggets blasted a wave of 16-0 climax, in one fell swoop to establish a 15-point lead. At the end of this section, the Knicks back feel, Anthony scored 4 points off the bench O'Quinn also get 4 points at halftime in New York narrowed the score to 49-60.

Knicks in the third one up off the offensive chase points, Anthony and attack the basket Calderon succeeded, Efulaluo soared in the third, New York 7-0, the points deficit to four points, the Nuggets stopped a direct hit . However, the Nuggets fought back after a pause, hit the third Mudi Ai, Farid vote with a penalty scored 4 points, the Nuggets play 9-2, widen their lead back to 11 points. Later, the two teams into a tug of war status, Anthony hit three-pointers, O'Quinn 4 points, but the Nuggets Fareed and Gary - Harris scored 3 points respectively retaliate Nuggets maintained a double-digit lead. At the end of this section, the Nuggets bench Arthur dropped into the third, at the end of the third quarter to help the Nuggets extended their lead to 82-68.

Afflalo came back in the fourth quarter scored four points to help the Knicks slightly narrow the score. Although after the Nuggets bench Tangpei En labeled 2 +1, but Anthony and Boer Tianjin Kyrgyz score immediately retaliate, the Knicks once the points deficit to 7 points. However, the Nuggets fought back in time, Jokic scored four points to help the Nuggets to regain double-digit lead. Galloway later hit the third, Anthony layup, but the Nuggets Augustin scored 5 points immediately fired back, the Nuggets maintained a double-digit lead. The end of the game, the Nuggets Arthur hit the third, the Knicks directly extinguished comeback hopes, and ultimately the Nuggets beat the Knicks at home.

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