Argentine striker Lamela still think Chelsea is a big threat, but the Spurs can beat them to win next season's Champions League tickets.

Lamela's team became the first to admit that can replace Chelsea reached the Champions League to become the league's top four Spurs players.

Mourinho's team is currently 16 columns Premiership standings this season, 12 games, lost seven games.

Tottenham is now ranked No. 5, since the first-round defeat to Manchester United after Oolong still undefeated.

This month, the two clubs direct confrontation. Lamela think now is a good opportunity to rebound guy's.

Last week's 1-1 draw with Arsenal, Lamela that "this is our best chance."

"We are making progress the team Chelsea in the league ranking is not very good, but they are still our main rivals for the top four teams of the war."

Tottenham will immediately usher in the West Ham after the international break, while Chelsea will be at home to face the challenges of Norwich.

Lamela rebound performance this season of great potential, followed, this North London club have four former rivals can match lineup.

He said: "Last year we played very well against the top teams in the competition, this year we continued the momentum in the Premiership where any team can beat the opponent, grabbing everything in between only.

2015/11/19 3:35:37