After the loss to the Rockets, Raptors continue to take home the challenges ushered in the Nets, the first half shooting 53 percent of the Nets made a 16-point lead, only the second half despite drastic changes, the Raptors will gradually regain the score, in distal opening a wave of 14-2 offensive, successful go-ahead score. The last 37 seconds of the attack is not a key to the Nets, so the game has lost its suspense. Ultimately, the Raptors 104-99 at home to successful reversal.

Raptors data: Kyle - Lori 23 points and nine assists, Demar - DeRozan 25 points, three rebounds, Jonas - Kovalam Qiu Nasi 10 points, three rebounds, Patrick - Patterson 11 points and 3 rebounds, especially Clarence - Rose 11 points and six rebounds.

Data Nets: Brook - Lopez 35 points, five rebounds and seven blocked shots, Thaddeus - Young 14 points, four rebounds, Bojan - Bogdan Norwich 12 points and five rebounds, Willie - Reed 10 points and 4 rebounds, Wayne - Ellington 8 points and 4 rebounds.

Although the differences between the two teams ranked, but an opening Lopez and Thaddeus - Young hit a jumper, the Nets let first start. Raptors here, Kovalam Qiu Nasi hit a layup DeRozan dumped network fired back. Half of the first quarter, Jason - Thompson and Terrence - Ross burst Lengjian launched into third on the outside, but the Nets here is not lack of shooters, Bogdan Norwich also hit the third to give retaliate. After Patterson foul free throws, the first end of the game, the Nets leading the Raptors to 28-23 five minutes into the second section game. Thaddeus - Yang Section 5 of 8 shots scored 10 points.

Section II opening, Willie - Reed scored four points, Kilpatrick also launched into third, the Nets played 7-0 offensive, forcing the Raptors request for suspension adjustment. Suspension back, Kilpatrick and then launched into the third, helping the Nets will lead to further expansion, Lori launched into third Toronto has become one of the highlights of the few offensive end. Section II of the second half, Ellington launched into third, Lopez with a fine cast scored four points, so the Nets to 16 points Raptors 58-42 lead into the second half of the game. Nets team shooting first half, up to 53%.

The second half began, even 3 DeRozan jumper, extending the Raptors offensive firepower. Nets side attack flow, 3 minute time only Thaddeus - Young hook network 2 points for Houston, but fortunately Lopez time to stand up, and after Lori Powell launched into third, Lopez first labeled as 2 +1, followed by a jumper firmly hit the lead temporarily stabilize the situation. After half of the third quarter, DeRozan and Lori repeatedly fouled up points with a free throw for the team. Billon Bo Bulan, DeRozan scored 4 points after the third quarter ended, the Nets leading the Raptors to 80-78 two minutes into the final section of the competition.

Distal opening, it began to rain-third Raptors home: Patterson, Terence - Ross and Lori have hit the third, leading the team to make the double digits. Nets here misfiring on the offensive end, the distal opening five minutes only 4 points for Houston. Fortunately Bogdan Norwich and Ellington stand out, they have hit the third, let the game full of suspense continues. The last 37 seconds, the Nets attack is not a key, so that the game this conclusion. Ultimately, the Raptors at home successfully reversed.

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2016/3/9 16:42:54