3 minutes, Walcott scored a goal in an offside position, the referee make the correct penalty, disallowed the goal. The first 10 minutes, compared to the previous field Ivo sent inclined Sierra Leone, after adjustment to keep up with Campbell hit the far corner wide. The first 30 minutes, Hull City before the games kick caused confusion in the Arsenal penalty area, Mailer restricted online Ospina foot low shot was saved the ball! The first 32 minutes, Per Mertesacker is injured can not insist Monreal replacing. The first 41 minutes, Mailer send Oolong assists, Giroux relaxed in front of Tuishe 1-0! The first 43 minutes, Gibbs external long-range hit the crossbar on the pop! Arsenal almost to expand the score. Harding Park half, Arsenal lead.

Easy side battles, the first 53 minutes, then put a cross in Diya Mei header just wide. Then Gabriel ball situations injured, Ramsey off the bench. The first 64 minutes, Hull City right pass, Ramsay slip out the door headed the rescue almost own goal. The first 71 minutes, Walcott cross from the left, Giroux outflank broke, 2-0! After the goal, just off the bench Ramsay injured and was replaced Adelaide. The first 77 minutes, Ivo than send out accurate Zhise, Walcott broke into the restricted area on the left Tui far corner succeed, 3-0! The first 88 minutes, Walcott fight back into the restricted area low shot, the ball flying into the goal near angle of refraction, 4-0! He cruised to the final audience, Arsenal at home 4-0 win over Hull City, to advance the FA Cup seven.

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