7 minutes, Bell left baseline inverted triangle pass, Marcelo rifle lying on the ground he missed a little. The first 11 minutes, Cristiano takes the right positioning of the ball directly from the center, the ball above the door frame. The first 13 minutes, Salah sent extraordinary row after the right cross, left foot shot after the point of outflanking Dzeko missed. The first 20 minutes, Modric peripheral sudden Shi Leng Jian, Shiqinsini struggling saved the ball. The first 27 minutes, Rome to launch quick counter-attack, Salah single-handedly shot hit the side-netting. The first 32 minutes, after cutting inside the left kicker shot Ramos, Szczesny denied the ball. The first 39 minutes, Cristiano back to do inside the penalty area to Casemiro, whose shot was again Shenqinsini confiscated. Half of the game ended, the two sides had no achievements.

Easy side battles, the first 51 minutes, Salah reached the restricted face offside Navas, but unfortunately the final shot wide. The first 56 minutes, Florencio Qi minutes after the ball reached the restricted area hit the door, Navas saved the ball. After 1 minute, Real Madrid penalty area caused confusion corner of Rome, close Mano Las Navas hit the door was saved the bottom line. The first 61 minutes, coming off the bench Vazquez replaced Bell. The first 64 minutes, right-sided stepped Vazquez after a bicycle go past Digne cross-knock, Cristiano outflanking hit the ball into the door, 1-0! 68 minutes, Cristiano counterattack carved ball left, J Luo small angle hit the door hit the 2-0! 2 minutes later, Real Madrid hit back again, Vazquez forward pass, Cristiano close Tuishe missed. The first 74 minutes, Totti off the bench replaced Chaaraoui Bernabeu fans stood offer applause. The first 81 minutes, Totti corner, zouk Norwich Navas header was confiscated. The first 88 minutes, Salah right pass, Perotti within the restricted area volley hit the door hit the post after Navas blocked. Overall final Harding Park, Real Madrid 2-0 victory over Rome, with a total score of 4-0 out of opponents to advance to the Champions League quarterfinals.

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