Zidane commented after defeating Real Madrid in Rome Competition:. "It was a difficult game, but we two-legged success zero closure opponents and scored four goals, it makes me feel very happy when the opponent to make room for time, will take some risks, our goal is as much the ball, that is what we can do many things occur in the second half of .90 minutes of the game, the opponent also has a lot of good players, but our task has been completed, you should consider the following weekend's league. "

For this game played by two players off the bench, Real Madrid, Zidane commented: "Casemiro starting today played well, especially on the defensive end, Real Madrid has not fixed the main, we have 26 first team players We have the ability to appearances. Vazquez very important role for the team, as long as he will be doing all appearances, either 30 minutes or 60 minutes, it makes me feel very happy. "

For boos Bernabeu stands, Zidane said: "The fans booed let Cristiano motivated, Cristiano played long wanted to score, I want to do more things, and finally he did it I think the most important thing. fans and the team stands united, the fans always wanted to see the best performance of the players, our team is also working. I for J Lo's goal was very pleased that he has been training very well, which for a player Very important."

Zidane also praised Bell's performance: "I played for Bell in the left very satisfied, he created three or four opportunities within 20 minutes of time, but he also played well at the right side of me. the concept, BBC competent in any position up front, which makes the rival defender struggling to cope. a 90-minute game, but only 15 minutes to the opponent you know how to do, we will often change attack routine. "

Zidane I think the team should consider league match: "The Champions League is very special, we are able to get the next round of balloting, but who will come to touch a lot of games left in the league, we will start from tomorrow the focus shifted back to the league. we have to consider weekend against Las Palmas game.

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2016/3/9 17:22:32