LeBron - James led the Cavaliers to the Staples Stadium today challenge Bryant led the Lakers, this 23VS24 last fight, Bryant scored 26 points to lead the Lakers create no small trouble, but the superior strength Knight scene firmly in control of the initiative and maintain the advantage to the end. Eventually, the focus in this war to end and the Cavaliers beat the Lakers 120-108.

Lakers data: - Kobe Bryant shot 11 of 16 Efficient scored 26 points and five rebounds, Dan Jiluo - Russell 24 points, four rebounds and five assists, Julius - Randall 15 points, nine rebounds and 2 steals, Marcelo - Juan Huertas 13 points and five assists and three rebounds, Brandon - Bass 12 points and eight rebounds.

Knight data: LeBron - James 24 points, seven assists and five rebounds, Carey - Owen 26 points and nine assists, Channing - Frye 21 points and seven rebounds, JR- Smith 17 points and two rebounds, Tristan - Thompson 10 points and 14 rebounds.

The game became Bryant and James's final battle, the two sides start early into the state, Owen took the lead reached the basket to play board into the goal, the Lakers relied Hibbert basket hook to get the first points. Bryant shortly thereafter rely iconic cast scored two points, and James did not hurry to score until the last four minutes to win the first game to rely on shooting stars. 23V24 duel soon played open, Bryant upped James, Kobe Bryant use a nice fake James throw off defenders easy layup. Both offensive efficiency is very good start, Russell hit a three-pointers to help the Lakers biting score. But Frye then two three-pointers to help the Cavaliers pulled away. The last paragraph of the Lakers once again catching up after a counterattack score, Hu Huertas layup labeled 2 +1, Russell backhand pass from teammate in the basket layup, the Lakers rely on good performance in biting 31-33 score the first section.

Second section return, Dellavedova and Owen have hit the third, the Lakers here Hu altas very positive, to empty his first assists Bass layup, then hit his shot for the team bite the score. Pause after returning Lakers rely Randall was ahead score two goals in mind, but feel hot Frye then hit the third to stabilize the situation. Under the stalemate Knight thirds angry, JR- Smith, James and Dellavedova hit three successive last-minute success opened the score, although the last paragraph Bryant also answered with a third, but the fists face four hands, Knight halftime when the Lakers to 64-55 lead nine minutes.

Easy side battles, Owen continues the hot hand, the start of two long-range shots in mind for the team hold the advantage, the Lakers also not bad here, Russell hit a withdrawal step-third, Bryant hit a jumper signs. Under the stalemate knight here is two three-pointers, and Frye JR- Smith unreasonable third to help the Knights to establish a double-digit lead. The Lakers did not stop stubborn slump, contrary teenager Russell Bryant twice then pass dropped into the third, the Lakers score slightly recover. Last paragraph of the two sides have not accounted for much cheaper, hold the Cavaliers to 95-82 double-digit advantage into the fourth.

Holding a double-digit lead of the knight firmly in control of the fourth scene, Owen first assists mozgov dunk, then hit a jumper firmly defend their advantage. Lakers offensive end is not bad, especially Ci Shiping vote with a penalty scored 4 points. But Owen's overkill, he not only can score in a variety of sudden foreign investment, but also for James - Jones sent a record three assists. Since then, the Lakers did not threaten reconstruction, knight firmly hold and maintain double-digit advantage to the end. Eventually, the knight away from home to beat the Lakers 120-108 to win victory.

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