After the victory over the Timberwolves, Spurs back home to usher in a bull challenge. Seasoned Spurs firmly in control of the initiative in the field, in the third quarter extended the lead to double digits, the final 109-101 home win.

San Antonio Data: Branch pregnant - Leonard 29 points, seven rebounds, LaMarcus - Aldridge 26 points and 10 rebounds, Tony - Parker 20 points and 12 assists, Tim - Tim Duncan 7 points and 4 assists, Manu - Gino ratio Lee 4 points and 2 assists.

Bulls data: Paul - Gasol 21 points and 12 rebounds, Derek - Rose 21 points and six assists, Ito Wan - Moore 20 points and six rebounds, Justin - Huo Ledi 12 points and 2 rebounds, Thailand - Gibson 8 points and 5 rebounds.

Leonard hit a jumper opened the game's prologue, then Parker jumper in a positive response. Bulls side, Gibson tipped succeeded, Dunleavy layup labeled 2 +1 fired back. The first section in the middle, Leonard then even 2 jumper, Danny - Green also scored a breakthrough, the Spurs played 6-0 offensive, forcing the Bulls request for the suspension, suspended back, then Ross assists Gibson dunks, save some face for the team slightly. Mills not in the third, the first section end of the game, the Spurs to 27-27 entering the second quarter of the draw with the Bulls game.

Section II opening, Justin - Huo Ledi even 2 jumper and a record third, the Bulls continued offensive firepower. Spurs side, Duncan first pick Parker assists labeled as 2 +1, followed hit a high jumper to give retaliate. Gasol more mistakes today, the right to hand over the ball several times. After half second segment, Moore ring true when the offensive team launched into third, but the Spurs immediately responded: Parker scored a breakthrough, Aldridge to empty layup. Leonard fadeaway jumper, the first half end of the game, the Spurs to 54-47 Bulls lead seven minutes into the second half of the game.

The second half began, Parker shooting accuracy, Aldridge fouled two free throws, the Spurs double-digit lead has come. Gibson played only 2 minutes on Section received two fouls, then was replaced Mirotic, Gibson fate Bulls interior defense weakened. But Ross hit a jumper, Moore thirds network, the Bulls will score points difference narrowed to 4 points. After half of the third quarter, the Bulls use Gasol height advantage, repeatedly scored easily. After Aldridge break dunks succeeded, third quarter ended, the Spurs to 84-74 Bulls lead 10 minutes into the final section of the competition.

Distal opening, and Kyle Mills - Anderson launched into third, but Justin Rose missed a jumper and network - Huo Ledi underhand layup, the performance is not much better. Justin - Huo Ledi launched into third, McDermott fouled two free throws, the Bulls will be sent out to 3 points, but fortunately Parker scored four points, to stabilize the situation in the team. Ultimately, the Spurs home win.

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2016/3/11 16:49:16